Here are all the identified Voltron parts that i have available. Just make me an offer if you want any. I'm prepared to swap for anything Transformers related or you can buy them direct.

Identified as Zoid Redhorn the terrible tail gun. (sorry lost the name of the person who identified this)

Identified as rubber plug from Zoids by Mangohero

Identified as Zoids TrooperZoid waist guns by Swoop.

Identified as Zoids Furolesios rear gun by Matt Woodford.

Identified as Zoids figure head and pilot by Mangohero.

Identified as Zoids Tankpower figure gun by Julien Donaghy.

Identified as Zoids 2 claw Shield liger or blde liger figures gun by Julien Donaghy and Draven.

Identified as a gun for the Zoid Trooper zoid by Swoop.

Identified as Zoids Spiderzoid/Scoropzoid/Tarantulon part by Swoop.

Identified as Zoids Tyrannozoid arm by Swoop, Hob and Mr.Sci-Fi.

Identified as Zoids Zoidzilla side gun by Swoop.

Identified a Zoids Stegazoid neck part by Swoop and Phill.

Identifed as Zoids tecnozoid saber tiger weapon by Gigatronsama.

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