Manatees school Barracudas, 6-3

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By Tidalshark

Panthers at home tonight vs. Anaheim, a game that interestingly enough the Cats won on a power-play goal. Now I can't rag on the Cats fans for not showing up.

Light crowd, no dance team, Normal concessions. Someone needs to do something about the music. What does our announcer have against calling assists for the Manatees? He's been doing a really good job, except for the assists. Another great job by Mandy the Manatee. Both of our mascots have been doing a good job of late.

Had a long chat with the guy who was manning the credit card table prior to the game about baseball. Not once did he hit me up to apply for a credit card either.

It appeared that Jacksonville had two new goalies for the night. Where was my buddy Snee? I missed him. And I'm reasonable sure that wasn't Ziemski on the bench.

As for the Tees.... Is Sean Weaver ever going to play again?

Score by Period:

Jacksonville Barracudas 1 1 1 -- 3 
Miami Manatees          1 2 3 -- 6

First Period - Scoring:
1. JAX- L Steenbergen (J Miller, M Johnson), 15:24.

E Perricone, MIA (Interference), 11:13
K Kaebel, JAX (Slashing), 18:10;

We actually went a full ten minutes of the first period without a penalty. Mike Foy made up for it however on the first Jacksonville goal. First a Barracuda’s player knocks Mark Gowan to the ice, then another falls over him and takes a second player down with him. So we have Gowan on the ice, and two players tussling on top of him. No interference call. No stoppage of play. The two finally get up leaving Gowan to drag himself off the ice, try to locate and puck and his stick at he same time.

Which somehow he recovered from but wasn't really settled back down when Lyle Steenberger knocked it past him. He took a brief moment afterwards to go to the bench and be looked at by Manatee’s trainer Danielle Henry, before getting back into the game.

The Barracudas way outplayed the Manatees this period.

Second Period - Scoring:
2. MIA- K Swider (Power Play) (E Perricone, O Hewer), 00:27,
3. JAX- J Miller (M Johnson, C Gromek), 01:43,
4. MIA- O Hewer (Power-Play) (T Perry, K Swider), 04:40,
5. MIA- O Hewer (E Perricone, K Swider), 07:26.

Bench, JAX (too-many-men) served by J Miller, 00:09
M Wirll, JAX (Hi-Stick, Hi-Stick), 03:49;
Z Vanc, MIA (Roughing), 07:57;
M Johnson, JAX (Hi-Stick, Hi-Stick), 11:04;
J Miller, JAX (Slashing), 15:19;

Jacksonville started out the set on a bench minor for too many men. Jamie Miller served the penalty.

This allowed Kevin Swider to get the game tied back up. (No assists were announced. Oak Hewer was credited with one later.) Miller had his revenge though when he put the puck past Gowan to make it two one.

Hewer scored twice on the same power play with Mike Wirll out for drawing blood on a high sticking call.

The Manatees netted a questionable goal at 9:50 of the period that was waved off by the official. I believe Jacksonville should have been called on a penalty on that play as well, but it was waived off too.

Mike Johnson's high-stick less then two minutes later took Hewer out of the game as he was rushed off the ice (with Danielle in hot pursuit) to get stitched.

The Molson power-play needed work without Hewer on the ice. The Miller's slashing penalty was an especially embarrassing performance for Miami, as they had a very hard time keeping it in the attack zone.

There was a bit of an altercation at the end of the second, which lead to co-incidental minors at the start of the third.

Third Period - Scoring:
6. JAX- M Wirll (C Harper, M Johnson) 06:25.
7. MIA- R Kiley (L McCarthy, D Donnette) 14:56.
8. MIA- O Hewer (E Perricone, K Swider) 16:14.
9. MIA- E Perricone (Empty-Net) (J Picard, O Hewer) 19:23.

J Picard, MIA (Roughing), 00:00;
D Toninato, JAX (Roughing), 00:00

Wirll's goal was called as unassisted, but I wouldn't be surprised to see that changed. Heavy traffic out in front of the net and there was a delay before the goal light went on.

Ryan Kiley got the game winner for the second night in a row.

Nikki had bought a hat in between penalties in case Hewer hit for the hat trick. He did and she ran over from her seat behind the net to throw it onto the ice.

The Barracudas called a time out with 1:37 left to go then pulled Randy Hevey for the extra attacker. Eric Perricone walked the puck down ice for the empty netter to end the game.

Shots On Goal:

Jacksonville Barracudas 16 14 13 -- 43 
Miami Manatees           6  9 11 -- 26

In the end, I still say the Barracudas way out-played the Manatees, the difference was in the goaltending. Hevey has been E-Bugging for a couple of the CHL teams. A product of Norwich University, this was only the second pro-game he's played in. It wasn't that he was bad, but then, the Manatees really didn't test him that much.

Power-Play Conversions:
Jacksonville Barracudas - 0 for 3,
Miami Manatees - 2 for 8.

Jacksonville - R Hevey (25 shots, 20 saves; record 0-1-1);
Miami - M Gowan (43 shots, 40 saves; record 5-2-0).

Referee: Mike Foy
Linesman: Kyle Steel, Mike Williams

3rd Star: Swider -- It as announced as Swider but Kiley come out.
Kiley deserved it. Second game-winning goal in two nights. Swider had a goal and three assists.
2nd Star: Perricone - Empty-net Goal and three assists.
1st Star: Hewer - Hat trick and two assists.

Swider was announced as the only assist on Perricone's empty netter. This was changed to J.F. Picard (per Sportsticker) and Hewer was added (per Mark Fischel's game recap) to make it a five point night.

Honorable mention: Jamie Miller for the Barracudas had a great game with a goal and an assist (and possibly a second assist pending scoring revision.)

Jason Jersey Award: Nikki's Mom for the Salt Lake City Olympic jersey.

A: 1,108

This was my last night of playing guess the attendance with Fischel for this year and he didn't want to play. There were about 900 people in the building total, less the season ticket holders who were at the Cats game tonight.

The Manatees travel to Lakeland to take on the Loggerheads tomorrow night. Catch all the action live over the internet at with the voice of the Manatees Mark Fischel calling the game. The Manatees remain on the road for the New Year, taking on the Alabama Slammers on Friday, January 2nd and the Jacksonville Barracudas on Saturday, January 3rd.

The Manatees return home to the Miami arena to face Jacksonville on Sunday, January 4th at 7:05. This will likely be the first home game I miss this season as I should be relocated and unemployed at the time, and not in the mood to travel several hours to a game.

The Miami Manatees Booster Club is currently forming. If your interested in joining, please e-mail Nikki. There should be a meeting prior to the next Manatees home game on Janaury 4th so that you can get more information and learn more about the club.

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