Hockey team owes back rent, city says

Hockey stick - Don't get Checked!

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The Miami Manatees minor-league hockey team didn't have much success luring South Florida fans -- it didn't even last a whole season at Miami Arena.

Turns out the team wasn't much better at paying its bills, says the Miami Sports and Exhibition Authority.

Authority Executive Director and CEO James Jenkins announced at a Friday board meeting the team owes the city roughly $130,000 in back rent and other fees. Two $25,000 checks the city collected from the team bounced, Jenkins said.

"We've sent them a 30-day notice to pay up," Jenkins told authority board members.

The team played 20 home games at Miami Arena, averaging less than 1,000 spectators per game.

Manatees officials could not be reached for comment.

(Note: the article is wrong. The Manatees only played 19 games at the Miami Arena. They also neglect to mention that they have not refunded the money to their season ticket holders for having the team fold partway through the season -- including the State of Florida sales tax money they collected.)

Web posted on Aug. 16, 2004

hockey stick - Don't get Checked!

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