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(01/06/07) Florida Seals' season over after arena locks out team
(01/05/07) Team's season may be done before its time
(11/04/04) Securing Civic Center's future is far more important than hockey
(10/07/04) Original 'Hog Watson returns to Rockford
(09/16/04) See ya, Seals
(08/16/04) Hockey team owes back rent, city says
(08/08/04) Swider puts dent in Ice Bears' salary cap
(03/14/04) Financial woes leave WHA2 in stormy seas
(03/09/04) Asheville Aces name former NHL player as first coach
(03/07/04) Swider gives Ice Bears big lift before heading back to Miami

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Press Releases

(01/05/07) Florida Seals cease operations
(11/07/04) FireAntz Sweep Three Over the Weekend
(10/07/04) FireAntz Sign R.J. Roy
(10/04/04) Henry joins 'Dogs as athletic trainer
(07/15/04) IceHogs bulk up lineup with Watson
(03/03/04) WHA2 announces Miami franchise move
(02/27/04) This week in the WHA2
(02/27/04) Miami Manatees "Making Waves" for Feb 27th
(02/27/04) Manatees team up with United Way for special night
(02/25/04) Manatees massacre Seals, 9-4

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Thoughts on Goal

(02/15/04) Endangered Species?
(May 2001) Oak Hewer has got character
(12/27/03) Manatees school Barracudas, 6-3
(12/26/03) Manatees sink Loggerheads, 2-1
(12/19/03) Manatees fillet Barracudas, 4-2
(12/07/03) Manatees drop third straight in Jacksonville
(12/06/03) Manatees at Lakeland Game Wrap UP
(11/27/03) Doulebenets Seals 4-3 victory for Miami
(11/16/03) Manatees hook Barracudas, 5-2
(11/15/03) Manatee deshell Loggerheads, 5-2

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