Looking For My Best Friend

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Does this look like the dream you have had. A quite peaceful life in the country/mountains. This has been my dream & I hope to fulfill it in the next 2 years. Only one thing missing, that is my best friend to share it with. I am secure enough with myself to seek this out alone, it's just I don't want to. I am not just looking for any man, I am looking for only 1 man. I have done the personal ad thing without finding you, so I figured I would try this.

Life is not measured by the breath you take, but by what takes your breath away.

Description of Myself

I have blonde hair, blue eyes & 5'8".I take great pride in my appearance! I am certified in Website Management & Design.I have done part time plus size modeling, private beauty consultant, actually I do alot of things but I love creating. I have a love for the Victorian era & antiques. I also love music, I love to dance & prefer slow soothing music where I can feel your heartbeat with mine. Also,I have 1 son that is grown, married & totally independent of me.

Description of My Bestfriend

You are between the age of 45 to 55, a Grizzly Adams type man, tall 6'on up, large boned,rugged,outdoors type that loves nature & I hope you have a beard because I love beards. You are able to open your heart & soul, share your dreams & aspirations with me. To love & be loved no matter what! You have a wonderful sense of humor & yet you are compassionate, showing your love for life & your big heart. Beautiful eyes, for they are the windows to our soul & a smile showing your tenderness. A spirituality,a belief in God/Higher power, there is no truer, deeper love and committment then loving each other through God. Be non-judgemental, there is too much hate in this world. You love the country & all of nature's beauty.

What to Expect from Me

I am a woman that will be truly devoted to you & our relationship, in turn I would expect the same. I am a very passionate and affectionate person, I love to cuddle, kiss & well..what happens behind closed doors is private between 2 people. I will touch your heart with my love & your soul with my kindness.

What I Don't Want

Any games played with me, it's hurtful, not nice & downright cruel. I live by the Golden Rule & take it to heart. If you don't have the time to send me more than a couple of words, then you don't have time for me. If you intend on lying to me, big lie or little lie, it doesn't matter..a lie is a lie..then don't bother with me. Liars are always exposed, they can't remember who they told what too. I have nothing to hide, if you intend on hiding your true self, if you are married, separated, involved with someone, emailing alot of women, don't plan on making any effort in a relationship or you want me to financially support you then I am not the woman for you.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read all of this. And, I wish you luck & happiness with God's blessings on you. If you would like to see more about me, please visit my home page. There you will find out more about me, I have a few pages of pictures,1 page from my modeling portifolio and a page of just fun pictures.

If someday you feel a kiss on the cheek

as the breeze passes you by

know that I sent that one

Just for You!

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