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"The ideals that have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, Beauty and Truth." Albert Einstein

Here you will get to know about my interests, my hobbies and hopefully an understanding of the person that I am. My home is a place of peace, love and friendship. And, I hope that you will find the same during you visit with me.

About myself:

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My hobbies include a number of things that I enjoy doing; for over the years I have learned that to stop learning means to stop living.

Making Victorian lampshades

Actually anything Victorian, if it is plain I will put lace and ribbons on it. I have actually sold a number of my works and have been commissioned by several antique dealers to make lampshades for their shops.

Arts and crafts

I crochet afghans, do needle work from making pillows to wall hangings.

Doll collection

Mostly Victorian and have developed quiet a collection. Each doll is named, she has a beauty all of her own; this brings my inner child out and allows time for her to be one with me.

Bargin Hunting

I go to estate sales, yard sales, garage sales, I also love to go to auctions. But, when I can't attend an auction in town I visit Ebay auction online. I have also sold antique and costume jewelry on Ebay.


I enjoy going fishing, but actually I think it is more the peace I feel of being in the country that I enjoy. My spirit is more at peace when I am surrounded by nature. I plan on moving to the country/mountains, hopefully within a couple of years. Looking up into the heavens at night, seeing all the twightling stars,as if they are signaling me a message, drawing me nearer to them. I love intense storms, the more intense they are, the better I like them. To see nature at her most intense moments, something that man cannot control, showing her strenght. I am being drawn to the country, back to nature..to awake in the morning, to feel & smell the morning dew.


They keep you dreaming; May the warm sun of your imagination flow easily, effortlessly as you make your dreams real.

The Victorian era

It was a gentler time where intergity, honesty and morals were actually lived. From the clothing they worn to the family unity it was all created with love and from the heart. I belong to a wonderful group of ladies on the internet called Victorians at Heart.


Which is not necessarily an organized religion, but a spirituality, a belief in God. I do medations in the mornings, this helps me forcus on what the important things in life are. It helps me put things into perspective and that the only limitions there are are the ones I place on myself.

Love for animals

I love all animals, but I had 1 dog named Brian. He was part lab/pit mix and he was 12 years old when he passed away with cancer recently. He was a true and loyal friend that I miss dearly. He is now free to go for walks without me and will be waiting at the rainbow bridge for me. I have a love for all animals, sometimes it seems as if they are speaking just to me. I feel their joys, their pain & they touch my heart with just a look from within their eyes.

Friends and Family

Are very important to me. I have lived in Tulsa all my life and have friends that I have known for that long. They have always been there when I needed them and they know that I would do anything to help them if they needed me. My family is also very special to me. I have 1 son that I am very proud of, he is grown, married,independent and has given me 2 beautiful granddaughters. I raised him by myself, he is a very fine, good Christian man.


I love creating so along those lines I have developed a passion to design graphics on the computer. I belong to a wonder graphics club on the Internet called Klassy Ladies. This will also help me in my desire to create and design websites. I am also now copyrighting my graphics work under the name of AngelHeart Designs Latest news..I now am certified in website management and design

My Work

I am an office manager for a paper recycling company, Abitibi Recycling We have our bins at schools, churchs and non-profit organizations as fund raisers for them,it is a free program for them. I love my job as I feel not only am I helping mother earth, but also helping the children. It is a very rewarding job, the company is very good to it's people and I work with a great group of people, more like a family.

Other Information

Modeling Portifolio

My Fun Photos

My Faith

Linda's Garden of Angels

Calling Cards

Free calling cards for your use and if you need your name added please contact me and I will be glad to add your name to the card.

AngelHeart Designs My site for my graphical work, graphical sets. This site is under construction at this time


Unborn Child

This page is dedicated to my daughter-n-law Emily

Beauty of a Woman

God Made Woman

If Christ Had a Dog

In Memory of Eric Dearinger

This site was created in loving memory of my son's best friend who was a victim of a car/train accident.

Poems of Love

A Rose


Holding You In My Heart

Forever One

In My Dreams

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