Morning stabbs you in the eye - Red, pink & blue opaque surprise...
Morning stabbs you in the eye - Red, pink & blue opaque surprise...
They actually express themselves with / through my organs, as if I'm theirs. They have their hands all inside me, squishing my heart, like a puppet, pressing a remote control trigger, aimed in mydirection, and emptying my adrenaline, making me slowly nauseous, have to piss with an electronic squeeze of my bladder-my whole body inside and out is at their whim, to use like an expensive, life size remote controlled doll toy, complete with my own ‘apartment’ to walk me around in, like a life sized doll house, to go with the doll. They’ve become addicted to such a strange toy.
"WHERE'S YOUR GOD, NOW!?", I hear them yell, as they send sharp pains to my lower shin bones and wrists - I assume in a 'jesus christ' mockery of whatever prayers I manage to (not so silently, cause I hear their voice saying my prayer-thoughts) pray...

Until now you didn't even realize that it's a microphone you’re speaking into, or that’s picking up the sound of your voice, and letting me hear it – or you didn't realize that I knew it - really I think you have been pretending to be in denial, haven't you?      you acted all surprised, and I think you were!  Like it didn’t occur to you that that’s how I hear you – what did you think!@?ThatI thought you were just majic, all of a sudden?? I probably give you too much credit. I NOW SEE HOW YOU are the ones who are brainwashed – and how this whole process just overwhelmed your little senses of reality, and literally drove
you crazy, en masse! Amazingly ironic, since that was the original intention for me . Just keep going through the motions, by all means don't get bored or curious about your own lives / minds!
They actually express themselves with / through my organs. as if I'm theirs. They 
    Why have you made sure that I stay so cut off from the world within/around me? Could I be letting this continue at this point, to see just how far a society can go stray-dv8-from the Norm-& check out the effects of such a devise (just to see when/if their conscious kicks in, so they, themselves will have to face themselves? Like: lead themselves right to the answers // Teach themselves their own lessons? Maybe.
    Yeah, as if i had thecontrol, over whether or not to let this continue - I wish!
Guess what? I think compensation DOES occur in the most appropriate ways.
So who raises her lips
to dirty water
and who clouds the ink again
Was she trying to tell me something
Is it time to sink or swim?
"I feel like I'm screaming out the cold
still blue rain..."
"Tangeable" - how your thoughts take up space and have shapes in front of your face...& more
words (next).
words 4. ('i')
privacy vent = i remember privacy...remember being an "i"?
'MY STORY'  how my Electronic Harassment began...
Story of how my ritual abuse/electronic harassment started
other victims of e. harassment
other victims links
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*No lie lives very long*...
I used to wonder if you had love for me, or love for money - When it was the end - if you could Pretent ious, pretend -> you called me a friend, Pretentious, pretend . Did you intend to- or do your tendencies stick with the currencies? are you in a box, no thicker than paper? What will I still pay for a part in hour deception -
Have you 
reflection? can't find your days, your down on your knees- looking under the couch, settling down to dissappear, faced with the problem, always here, like everything you see, you think you're hiding from me

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