In Remembrance of the Lost Ones

I know what it's like to be overwhelmed by memories, terrified by feelings, and unable to stop thinking about something I never knew existed.
I know what it's like to be a victim of child sexual abuse.

This page is to be devoted to the lost girl I'm beginning to remember and stop hating, and is devoted to all the lost girls and boys who, while still living with memories and such, have lost some part of themselves.

After visiting several "Memorial" websites, I decided I was going to make a memorial. I would represent everyone who emails me with their story in some way.

I have picked out images and placed them on this site as choices for anyone who wants to place a memorial here for someone who has been lost. This person may have been physically taken out of this world by abuse, or may have simply been struck with the terrors and changed forever. This is a site of new life and hope, and I believe that with this site I may be able to help myself and others heal.

If you would like to post a memorial the part of yourself that has been lost but not forgotten or for someone else who has passed on because of abuse, please go to my "Working Memorial" page. This has several images you may choose or you may send me your own.


The Memorial Page

My (Abbreviated) Story

Email Me

Because I am an Eating Disorder survivor, and these pages gave me the idea for my own page:
Something Fishy Memorial
Other Memorials

Mint Green Ribbon Campaign for the Awareness of Abuse
By an amazing survivor and friend, Holli. Her page is awesome!

Mint Green Ribbon Campaign for the Awareness of Abuse
Stop the Abuse NOW!!

An Award given to me by Advice Angel. Thanks for the recognition, and I hope this page has deserved it....

Advice Angel Advice Angel

Thank you to Mona Lisa, et al. for her award. Visit Her Site

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