There is a pathway that some choose to follow.
This pathway is not just for anyone or everybody.
But it is the one I have choosen.
It is not an easy pathway but the one I desire to follow.
It is the pathway.....

of Wicca

My pathway has found me walking alone,
and it has found me walking with someone.

I still have a lot to learn about me and this lifestyle.
I live here in the great state of Washington, and I have
met some great people here that have helped in my pathway.
They have taught me much, but I have along way to go.

As time passes I will be adding things to my site.
I do hope that you will enjoy your stay here.

WiccaThe Nine Woods Rede WiccaWitches Rune
WiccaMoon Phase's WiccaThe Burning Times
WiccaLinks WiccaMoon Shadow's Dolls
WiccaBefore Time Was WiccaSong of the Goddess
WiccaThe Witches Creed WiccaWitches Reed of Chivalry
WiccaCandle Magic WiccaCandle Colors
WiccaHerbal History WiccaA Witches Herbal Reference/A
WiccaA Witches Herbal Reference/B WiccaA Witches Herbal Reference/C
WiccaA Witches Herbal Reference/D WiccaA Witches Herbal Reference/E

"An ye harm None, do what thou will"

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