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Lisa Montgomerie: If you had to go on TV and wardrobe forgot your trousers. Would you rather borrow a pair from Simon Callow or go on in your pants?
Will: Iíd go on stage on my pants.

TOTP: Did you get a good look at the high-waisters?
Will: I tried not to look. I mean, the whole thing is about focusing on your performance and I think it would have thrown me. Completely. I might have just walked off stage.

Sharron Johnson: Hi Will. All your fans think you are perfect but you must have some annoying habits - what are they?
Will: I do. Iím quite forgetful. Iím quite bad at keeping in contact with people. Which is great now because I can use what I'm doing as an excuse. I can be quite selfish. Everyone has their faults. Oh, and smelly feet. Iíve got smelly feet. Fungus feet. My auntie gave me odour eaters for Xmas. Which is really embarrassing.

Lisa M: Whatís the most stupid thing you have done while drunk?
Will: Lots of thing I canít really repeat. I rang up my mum to say I was very upset that she was going to get old and that I wouldnít put her in a home. It was about 1am though.

Lauren: Is it true that Hayley and Gareth are seeing each other - what do you think about this?
Will: I heard about this. Is it a rumour or something? I havenít heard anything. I donít think itís true. I wouldnít believe things you read in the papers. Well, sometimes they are true sometimes they are not.

Aster: Does it bother you that sometimes Gareth seems to be favoured over you?
Will: In what sense? I mean there was a thing (about the singles coming out close together). The fans were a bit cross that I was being unfairly treated, but thatís sort of what happens in the industry. If it wasnít him, It was going to be someone else. And I was really happy to give way to him.

TOTP: So you donít feel as if you are treated any differently to Gareth?
Will: No, I tried to break his legs but the security people wouldnít let me through. I donít think I am. We are very different artists. We are going in different directions.

Rachael Thomas: How is giving up smoking going?
Will: Itís going alright. Itís not going great. The gym is helping me. I am really cross with myself. I havenít been smoking long. It was only when I went to university. Which is stupid because I managed to get through all the peer pressure years. And then I started smoking. But itís horrible. I loathe it and I donít think anyone should do it. And it isn't good for your voice.
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