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He'd like to be stuck in a lift with Beverly Knight.

The Top of The Pops Webchat Transcript.

Lisa-Marie: What has been your biggest highlight since winning Pop Idol?
Will: Biggest highlight has been the second day of the video ĎLight My Fireí. I think on my website I had a behind the scenes thing that you can look at. We had sack races and wheel barrow races. I got very competitive and had to win them. And it was just an amazing day. It was really sunny and it was so much fun. It was just amazing. I said it was the highlight of my career.

TOTP: Itís a very unusual video. Who came up with the idea for that?
Will: The director. Well we all kind of collaborated on it. But it was the director who came up, and approached us, with the idea. Itís brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Very different.

TOTP: Most pop stars claim they donít like making videos. They say itís the most boring thing out of it all
Will: Well, this one, because it was such laugh I think you can see itís all so natural. There was really no acting involved. We were having a laugh.

TOTP: There is a girl in the video that seems to be in it more than you?
Will: Fanny.

TOTP: Now, we said no swearing.
Will: Sorry. No swearing. Sheís a model and itís all based around - me getting very boring here - a lady called Edie Sedgwick, who was Andy Warhol's (an artist in the '60s) muse. And he kinda got his inspiration from her. So, it was based on her and it was also based on a black and white film called ĎCiao!Manhattaní. So, if anyone looks up Edie Sedgwick, who is a very interesting person, or the film, it makes a bit more sense.

Emma Bright: Who do you get on best with out of the final ten contestants from Pop Idol?
Will: I love all of them for different reasons. I think itís like you have different friends for different sides of your character. I mean, I would say Gareth because we were there right to the end. Hayley and I, obviously everyone knows we got on very well. We did the duet together. And Jessica is just the loveliest girl in the world. I love all of them for different reasons. But those three particularly. And Zoe. They really stand out.

Becky Howitt: What has been your scariest moment so far?
Will: I think the final was pretty scary. Coming out. I tripped. Did anyone notice? I actually tripped four times during the show. You see me. They had all this dry ice everywhere. And I sort of thought there was another step and there wasnít. I thought: "Great! Thatís a good start ."

TOTP: Honestly. Hand on your heart, did you think you might win?
Will: No. Hand on heart. I was veryÖ.I didnít even think about it. I just thought, go in there and do your best. And I always thought that.

Kirsty Harrison: Do you like to have contact with your fans like this...online?
Will: Oh, yeah. I am big on the internet site. Iíve just been reading emails that they have been sending in. They have like chat rooms. I think it's called the 'Soul Room'. I've just been reading some stuff now.

TOTP: TOTP has learnt this week that your fans are very loyal...
Will: They are really funny actually. They make me laugh so much. I had a meeting with Jon this week, who runs the website. Itís a big thing, the Internet, and I do have a look and gauge what they like and what they donít like. Itís going really well and we are going to do some more behind the scenes stuff. Stuff that they can see and no one else will. I think itís important if people are loyal, to give them special things that only they can get.

Rosa Bridge: Ok, Will are you currently dating and what is your favourite chat-up line?
Will: Iím not currently dating. I thought that was what people did in the Ď30s? What else did they say? Stepping out. Iím not stepping out at the moment. And Iím not very good at chat-up lines.

TOTP: You donít need one. You just say "Iím Will Young."
Will: Well, dunno if that works. Iím not very good at things like that.
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