And now, the end is here.

Its with deep regret that due to a huge overload of work in my second year of college, I have no time what so ever to keep up my webbie! But I would like to thank everyone who has visited and sent me bits to help make it what it is! The page is going to syat up so people can still use the links page. Feel free to take pictures etc from my webbie and use them on yours as well as whatever you find useful.
Everyone who's going to a Will concert, have fun and everyone buy his fab album on Monday!!!
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2nd October 2002
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Ive reached the 1000 mark! A MASSIVE thankyou to all of you who have visited :)
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I am no way linked to Will Young, 19 or BMG. This is a complete fan site! None of the material within this site Will be viewed by Will and no e-mails sent to me will reach him either.
Also, please do not take anything from my site without asking first. I'll prob say yes anyway but its nice to be asked as I have worked hard on this site!
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