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February 2007 UPDATE
Wow where has the time flown?!!  Several of you first reading these pages may not realize even as my daughter looks at turning 7 this July the pain of the first months of not knowing what the future held is easily recalled. Let me assure you life will change - this experiance might change your family a little or a lot- but your child will make it through this very scary time and time will fly(I know it feels like it is standing at a stand-still while going through all this...but it will pick up fast)  Our own little family has grown and changed so much in the last 7 years.. Leigha still continues to excel and florish.  She's at the top half of her class and doesn't appear to have any delays.  She's a sweetheart and still loves to tell teachers and friends she's going to grow up and fix baby's heads(Hey Dr. Colyer will you need an intern in 15 years??). 
Austen, Leigha. and mommy now live in Omaha, NE.  Daddy lives in Greenfield Missouri with his mom.  Several new people have come into our lives whom we love and cherish. Last summer brought new friends from Indianna into our lives and we look foreward to what gifts the future will bring us.  Our best advice quoted from Mom's new favorite song...."When you're going through hell keep on moving, Face that Fire, Walk right through it, Keep on going, don't slow down, if you're scared don't show it, You might get out before the devil even knows you're there."
In Closing - Our hearts are still with all our online friends.
Mom has started the process of trying to get our story published and have several things up in the air.  I will post as soon as I am successful and will probably continue to work hard on spreading any kind of awareness possible because although more is known than 6 years ago there are still too many doctor's who ignore the warning signs.  If you want to get involved or need support  Please
EMAIL me we are still very involved in support and remember it all like it was only yesterday.  Take care and God Bless!

You may find your self trying to pronounce this long word and probably wondering what the heck is craniosynostosis.  Well you'll just have to keep reading and follow our website to find out why I am so passionate about keeping this site up and why I hope you'll continue to check out everything I have here.  You see, years ago in 2001 we began a big journey with our then 6 month old daughter.  She was diagnosed with bicoronal craniosynostosis and underwent treatment.  Today she still will continue to see her specialist until she's grown.  In this web site you will find our story and lots of helpful information.  My newest creation is LEIGHA's INFO SHEET which contains information on craniosynostosis and positonal plagiocephaly.  I encourage you to PRINT ONE OUT so you can
Help me and other families like my own spread awareness so someday no child is left ignored
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