My 5 year old son, Ethan, set up these Mini Lops and wanted me to take their picture to show off the different colors. :) From Left to Right~ MGM's Pearl, Smoke Pearl doe Lazy S's Cuddle Bunny, Chestnut Agouti doe Lazy S's SpongeBob, Black Gold Tipped Steel buck Triple K's Gabriella, Sable Silver Tipped Steel doe~ That's a showcase of our Jrs!

"Todd's Dexter T424" REW SR Buck/~Registered~ 1 leg for BOB~ Todd's T345 X Todd's T339!~ Sadly Dexter passed away this winter. Miss ya "that white buck"!

"Lake's Ricey J21L" Broken Steel G.T. SR Doe Todd's T311 X Wildfire's BELLE

Lazy S's"Penelope S208" Registered~ 3 legs for BOSV~Granded!~ Broken Steel G.T. SR Doe Bickle's "Jasmin 4BB3" X Nesbitt's "Beans ML4" **Sold to Richard~ Thanks!**

Bickle's "BBRT12" Broken Steel S.T. SR Doe

Lazy S's"Thunder S702" Steel G.T. Jr Buck Lake's "Ricey J21L" X Todd's Mr. Moneybags "T5321" **SOLD to Richard. Thanks!**

Lazy S's"Scotty S821" Black Chinchilla Jr Buck Lazy S's "Kassie S206" X Ping's "Almond ALMN" **SOLD**

Lazy S's"Jordin S820" Broken Black Jr Doe Lazy S's "Penelope S208" X Lazy S's "Da Boss Man S174" *SOLD*

Van Horn's "Buddy VH15" Broken ST Chocolate Steel SR buck

Burns's"B10" Black Steel G.T. Sr Doe

Mud Hill's "Broccoli S2" Broken Opal Jr Buck *SOLD*

Lazy S's"Cuddle Bunny" Chestnut Agouti Jr Doe Burns's "B10" X Todd's "Mr Moneybags T5321"

Lazy S's"Ruby" Opal Jr Doe *SOLD to Britany* THANKS!* Burns's "B10" X Todd's "Mr Moneybags T5321"

Lazy S's"Da Boss Man S174" Black Chinchilla SR Buck~Registered~1 leg for BOV~ T424 X 4BB3 ~ Boss crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 9/12/07~ Miss ya buddy!

Lazy S's"Bryce S182" Chestnut SR Buck~ Registered~1 leg for BOV~ 1 leg for 1/15~ 1 leg for BOSV 6/10/06~ Soon to be Granded!!! T424 X 4BB3 **SOLD to Heather. Thank you!


Red Shed's "Sibohan R12" Opal SR doe~2 Legs,1 BOB,1 BOS~ Todd's T330 X Red Shed's R2 ****traded with Thompson/Page****

Spencer's "Eli Whitney LS233" Broken Blue JR Buck ~ Spencer's "DOV LS50" X Spencer's "Tidal LS155" SOLD to Tina H. Thank you!

Lazy S's "Fantasia" REW JR Doe~ Todd's "Dexter T424" X Lake's "Ricey J21L" Ms. Fantasia will be going to live with Qadoshyah of Hoppin Herd of Hares in California this fall following the ARBA Convention. Fantasia had a litter for Qadoshyah :) From what I hear, she is going to Ken of Y City Lops in Ohio~ Good luck with her Ken!

Lezy S's Belle~ Blue Sr Doe~

Shannon's 18~ Black Silver Tipped Steel Sr Doe

Todd's "Mr. Moneybags T5321" Chestnut Agouti Sr Buck~ Moneybags is our ISRBA Convention Auction Rabbit. REGISTERED. 1 Leg for BOB! Tri B 2/3/07, 1 Leg for BOV Greencastle 4/07~ Super sweet bun & great brood buck

Lazy S's "El Corazon S29" Chestnut Agouti Jr Doe ~ Lazy S's "Bryce S182" X "Lake's Ricey J21L" ***FOR SALE*** SOLD to Chance~Thank you! Corazon passed away from kindling complications in her May litter.

Lazy S's "Starr S311" Black Gold Tipped Steel Sr Doe ~ Spencers's "Eli LS233" X Lazy S's"Kassie S206"~ Registered~ 2 GC Legs~*** SOLD to Richard, THANKS!***

Lazy S's "Pixie S294" Broken Steel Black G.T. Jr Doe~ Hazard's "Carmen S6" X Lazy S's "Da Boss Man S174" ** SOLD** Thank you! She is now residing with Judy & Jenni -->

Wildfire's "Bess BESS" Broken Blue Steel S.T. Sr Doe SOLD to Laurie D. Thank you!

Lazy S's "BBQ"~ Silver Tipped Sable Steel (my best guess, lol)Jr Buck~ Ping's ALMN X Handy's Elizabeth~ ***SOLD***

Lazy S's Usagi~ REW JR Buck~ Lazy S's "Da Boss Man S174" X Lake's "Ricey J21L"~Usagi is such a cutie! Dexter's Grandson **SOLD**

Lazy S's "Take 5"~ Broken Chocolate Jr Buck~ **SOLD**

Lazy S's "Kassie S206" Chestnut Agouti Sr Doe~ Nesbitt's "Beans ML4" X Bickle's "Jasmin 4BB3" Kassie is our "boomerang" doe. She left here to live with Larry Buffaloe, went from his house to Jason & Stephanie Kindig's and returned home to us this past September. Great Momma! Hasn't lost one single baby out of 3 litters. She's a keeper if she doesn't bite me again! Kassie is currently residing with Britany~And from what I hear is as grumpy as ever, but a great mom!


RAP's "Squirmy Baby 2 DBS2" REW Sr Doe~ SOLD to Judy and Jenni~ Thank you!

Scott's "Barney JS151" Fawn Jr Buck. From Jason Scott in Southern Indiana. Nice little buck. SOLD to Rusty and Glenda~ Thank you!

Mahan's "Asher M182" Black Steel Gold Tipped Sr Doe. From Andy Mahan in KY. We picked up Asher at the Mini Lop Club Auction at the ARBA National Convention. Asher will soon begin her career as a brood doe. ****SOLD to Melanie~ Thank you!

Chessie is Chestnut Agouti Mini Lop doe that I rescued when my oldest son, Corbin, was an infant. She is approx. 10 years old. Ches was in pretty bad shape when I got her. Her owners moved in the middle of summer and left her in the back yard. Fortunately for her, my friend lived next door and knew that I had rabbits. She will live out the rest of her days here. Chessie is also a pretty good example of a VERY BAD Mini Lop. lol Unfortunatly, Chessie passed away in September. She will be missed.

We have many, many more rabbits not pictured here. If you are interested in anything in particular, drop me an email . I know rabbit breeders across the world. If I don't have what you are looking for, I probably know someone who does. :) ~Laurie

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