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Entry for February 24, 2008

I firmly believe that animals should only be bred if the resulting litter is for a purpose. Every rabbit in our barn is born for a reason be it show, brood stock, pets or meat rabbits. Breeding animals just because they are "cute" and not having an outlet for you culls is irresponsible and the reason so many animals end up in shelters and needlessly euthanized. Have an outlet for your animals BEFORE they are born!

I am also a firm beliver in "momma's milk is the best milk". Breastfeeing for babies and goats milk straight from the dam for baby goats!!!

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Changes at Lazy S Rabbitry

There have been several changes going on at Lazy S Rabbitry over the winter. We have decided to focus more on the Hotots and cut down our Mini Lop herd to 2 pairs. I still have some nice quality Mini Lops available for sale and 4 pet quality Mini Lops in need of good homes. Please see the For Sale page for more info. We will still have several Mini Lop litters available through the year, just not as many as we used to.

I currently have 7 Blanc de Hotot brood does, all of which are bred for late Feb/early March litters. I hope to have a ton of Hotot Jrs to pick from and we plan on using them for the boys' 4H meat pens this summer. We will also be employing the use of "rabbit tractors" to grow out our cull fryers this summer.

We have also cut down our English Angora herd. I currently have 1 really nice fawn buck and I am in search of a BEW or REW doe to go with him. I am learning how to spin with a drop spindle and then when I get that down, I have a crochet pattern for purses I am going to learn. I hope to have this accomplished by the fall. Will keep you updated!

May your nestboxes overfloweth this spring with furry bundles of joy!






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