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This is my story and my dreams of having In Vitro Fertilization



Welcome to my corner of the world

My name is Lanette and I am 39 years old. I come from a family of seven, being the oldest of five girls. When I was about eleven years old, my mother left all five of us girls with my dad and just took off. Me, being the oldest, took on a big role and responsibility in the house. At about thirteen, I started hanging with the wrong crowd and got introduced to drugs and alcohol. By the time I was fifteen, I dropped out of school and by nineteen, I was married. I have three beautiful children. Later on we divorced and my progession with alcohol and drugs got worse.

Today, at the age of thirty-nine, two of my three children live with their dad about fifteen miles away. The oldest lives with me and my husband. I am clean and sober and very active in their lives. I talk to them daily and see them all the time. I went through treatment and now attend A.A. I am remarried to a sober man three years ago and very happy. My life has done a complete turnaround. I have been clean and sober for two years plus.

This is a picture of my husband, his daughter, my three girls and me.

Back in October of 2006 my husband and I took out a loan so that we could have a baby together. He has one of his own, but we want the opportunity to have one together. Well, my tubes are tied and the only way we could do this was through in vitro fertilization. There is a 60 - 70% chance that it will take and sometimes it takes two or three tries before there is success. We chose a place in October, Houston I.V.F. The procedure was very expensive. Unfortunately, it did not take the first time. We do not have the money to try again. I think about this all the time and we want badly to bring a child together in this world. With all the lab work, ultasounds, etc. and medications, the procedure is roughly $19,000. With your help, this miracle can happen. Could you please find it in your heart to help make my dream a reality?

Please donate if you are able to help me with my dream. Any amount will be appreciated to help with the cost of having this procedure done again.

You can send donations through my paypal account.

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