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The Entire Family!  All together finally after all these years!

This picture was taken in Madiera Beach Florida for my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary.

  Top row left to right: Glen (my uncle), Jodie (my aunt), Charlotte (my mom) and Ron (my dad)
Middle Row: Freda (my grandma), Gerald (my grandpa), and
Front row left to right: Cousins Nelson & Angie, myself and Kevin (my brother)


Welcome all to my Yahoo Website!  I've divided my site into a page for each topic that I want to cover.  If you look below my banner at the top of the page and at the very

Welcome one and all!

bottom of the page, you will find links to each of the pages in my website.  This page is just the starting point.   I have a lot to show you, so sit back, relax and enjoy your visit.  

It's finally here!  Check out my

Latin American Artist's Page.

This past semester, I took a Latin American Art History class and was given the opportunity to design a web page for my semester project.  Come, learn about the Peruvian artist Jorge Vigil Vidal!

Click here to learn about Jorge.




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