Hello and welcome to my most recent site, this one dedicated to the romantic adventure FF8. I don't have much up yet but i am planning on making this very "high-tech", or at least the most high-tech i can do^_^ I've made two other sites, so i'm sorta kinda experienced..and i'm blabbing, as usual!!!! But hey, if you want to check out my other two sites (which are dedicated to Sailor Moon_ then visit my links section....and be sure to link me if you take any of these pics!!! I spent time scanning them i WILL add more as i have more time...after finals!! (I'm only in high school....which has no relevance whatsoever but oh wellz...)Oh! Check out my Lils below!!!
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The End is a really great FF8 site that i got my image gallery graphic (above) from.
The two above sites were both made by me and are about Sailor Moon....I spent TONS of time and effort on them, but i'm not as proud of them as of this site (which has THUMBNAILS for the Image gallery.^_^) I know i could change the other sites to do that but..i'm too lazy at the moment!!
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