Mystery Bird
Common Grackle
This mystery bird flew into a field with a group of grackles.  Its crown is white, the underside is dark gray to black.  In behavior and flight it is much like a grackle, except for all the white markings.  The wings are primarily black with an area of white, near the middle.  I noticed the bird in flight because I was looking for white winged doves.
Mystery bird
This bird was seen with a flock of grackles in the east end of the park at Matthew Drive and Noreen  in Rockledge, just off of Fiske Boulevard.

Mystery Explained

The concensus of opinion points to Common Grackle, partial albino.  Before this bird, I was unaware of the term partial albino.  It seems that this occurs from time to time and does not always follow this same pattern.  I appreciate the input of the many knowledgeable birders who viewed this page and responded.  When talking with beginning birders, I do like to have as much information as possible, so learning about things like this helps to explain those mystery birds and makes birding more interesting for all of us.  Does anyone know why these partial albinos are appearing now?  What causes the partial albino to develop?

I found some answers at the
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds website.
Lady_luvs_nature    MINWR

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This grackle was on the north side of
the 402/406 causeway feeding in the
same area as ruddy turnstones.  The white slash looked almost like a tag of some type the way it just seemed to
catch the eye.  I am beginning to think
it is just another variation to the partial albino theme.
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