Great egrets are the large white birds with the yellow bills.  The other large white bird has black on his head and trailing edge of his  wings,  the  wood stork is an endangered species.

The smaller white  birds  with black bills and yellow feet  are snowy  egrets.  These  waders often feed  in  the  same  areas.  Roseate  spoonbills,  the  pink birds, feed  by swishing  their spoon-shaped bill back and forth in the water.  

The black bird with a curved bill is the glossy ibis.  When sunlight refracts off of its feathers you see blues greens and reds.

This picture was  taken  infront of one of the space shuttle launch pads.
B. J. Salter
Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge
Welcome to my pages, I am a lady who loves nature.  I hope you enjoy time in my part of the world, where there is so much beauty.
Birds of
Fox Lake Park
Flowers of Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge
Out in the Wilds of Central Florida
My husband and I both enjoy the wonderful nature that is found in our area.  This picture was taken as I hiked the edge of one of our marshes. 

We also have marvelous oak and palm hammocks as well as pine flatwoods and coastal scrub areas.  Each habitat has its own grace and beauty.

Central Florida offers very unique opportunities to view and experience technology and nature of which my husband and I take full advantage.

One special event in our area is the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival in Titusville.  Each November we have the priviledge of participating.  My work often limits the extent I can participate, but even just attending the evening activities is wonderful.  The seminars and field trips are fantastic.  Anyone who enjoys learning more about nature in Florida would enjoy this festival
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