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Well, where do I start?

Let's explain why I have my pages on soap operas. I started watching Days of Our Lives back in 1985. I remember watching Bo and Hope down in New Orleans in that museum and I liked the show. Twelve years later [early 1997] I stopped watching because of the dumbness.

When it was announced that NBC was putting out a new soap I decided I'd watch because I wanted to see a show from the beginning. I had previously tried that with Generations but that ended up being boring. I watched Loving and continued to when it turned into The City. I really liked The City. I think a big reason is because I live so close to where The City took place. I never got to see those places myself because I never got to travel to New York City.

I started watching Loving, One Life to Live, and General Hospital in the summer of 1994. I graduated from high school that year and was taking a year off to earn money so I could go to college. I worked at a local grocery store and at that time I didn't have my license so I had to wait til my mom got home to take me to work -- which was 4:00 p.m. So, I got addicted to the ABC lineup, minus All My Children, because that's when Days of Our Lives is on.

I started to watch Port Charles for the same reason as Sunset Beach - it was new.

In February 1998 I moved out of my parents home and started out on my own. I moved into an area where you can't get any reception and there is no cable TV. I was forced to get a satellite dish. At the same time, I was also forced to stop watching Port Charles, One Life to Live and General Hospital. The satellite has to be left on one channel - for me that's 241. If only I had some more money when I bought the satellite - I would have been able to buy one with a timer.

I decided to start a page on Sunset Beach because it was new and there was only one or two out there. I uploaded mine on January 5, 1997 -- a day before Sunset Beach started.

To answer a question -- yes, I do work. I worked full time at a contract bus company for a local school district. I drove a 16 passenger van and then worked in the office. The office was getting too stressful so I quit that. It has made my life a little harder money-wise, but I was ready to kill the next parent that called and complained about nothing. Anyway, I drive kids to BOCES (Special Education) school ranging in age from 6 years old to 20. My kids are pretty good and I get along with them. Right now, I enjoy my job.

I am single and can't find a guy that doesn't want just one thing from me. Girls, you should all know what I'm talking about. Besides, who'd want a someone like me that spends too much time on their computer?

Now that Sunset Beach has been canceled, I've decided to continue my web page. Why? I miss the show and the actors. I wish them all the best of luck and hope to see them in other projects. I now update people were the actors after the sun has set.

If you've read this far, I congratulate you. You must be very bored. If you would like to know anything else about me, you can always email me. I don't expect to see too many of those requests.

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