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Custom-Made Irish Competition Dance Dresses
"Traditional Irish dancing is a dangerous sport, involving breathtaking manoeuvres of the lower limbs.  Competitions can be cut-throat among the performers of jigs and reels, step and step-dances, but an atmosphere of friendly antagonism usually prevails."
Rupert Besley, Ireland for Beginners

Beautifully handcrafted Irish competition dance dresses and accessories (tiaras, headbands,  cummerbunds for male dancers, etc.) are custom made to order by designer Molly Bennett.
  Her dress designs have been worn by Irish competitive dancers throughout the country.
  For more information call
or send me email.

Custom-made, hand-crafted
Irish Step Dancer Dolls.

We design originals as well as 
refurbish and repair dresses.


INTRICATELY designed traditional Celtic knotwork patterns.

CUSTOM embroidery.

CROCHETED collars.

DISTINCTIVE and vibrant colors.

FITTINGS to specified measurements.

ECONOMICAL and affordable pricing.

NEED A RENTAL? Great selection of dance costumes available for rent.

TIMELY shipping and delivery

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