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June 2, 2002 - Nothing particularly special....

             Hey, everybody! Long time no see! A lot has happened, which is why I haven't updated.... the previous e-mail addy I had given you no longer works for me, so I had to make a new one. Anyone who has sent me anything for um, a very long time now - I cannot get your email!  I'm so sorry!!! (I swear I should have been a blonde... I go through email addys like popcorn, forgetting their passwords all the darn time! -_-;;)  You'll have to send it to my NEW NEW name (ha ha.... gomen ne..) -
KittenMaxwell2003@sailormoon.com. (2003 being my graduation year... so close!!!) So, I guess it's kind of time to start all over, AGAIN, huh?  I haven't been working on my writing thanks to hell-on-earth aka junior year and all, but! I do promise to work this summer.  That's usually how it works, huh?  Only summer updates... but this time, it'll really happen, darnit!  I also want to apologize for my message boards having been down for literally years... They're back yet again, only now as an actual Guest Book! JOY!! So, a HUGE sorry to EVERYONE!!! Sorry to make everyone re-send their writings and fan art, for the zillionth time, but it has to be done! Don't hate me!  Thanks for sticking with me / Stick with me even longer!  Things will get better this week, I promise!  Weekly updates to be coming your way very soon!  Big kisses! ^_^
      Yours in all things Duo,
                    ~Kitten Maxwell

*NOTICE* - some of the things on this website  may contain material unsuitable for otaku under the age of 18, due to violence, sexual content, etc. Those stories/images will be clearly marked according to what they may contain. (See below for full disclaimer.)

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--Kitten Maxwell
** UPDATED 6/7/02

An odd little parody of Ranma and, of course, Gundam Wing!

--Nabiki Maxwell / Rogue Phoenix

--Lady Maxwell



--Angel Barton
**UPDATED 6/5/02 - 6 CHAPTERS!

--Kitten Maxwell

--Angel Barton

--Makoto Hime
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Added 6/2/02 - it actually works, so far!

(Sorry to those who had signed my previous message board - they discontinued that option and killed it -_-)
Here's yet another college try!  o_O;;
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