Hi! I'm Kiki.

Meow and welcome to my page! My name is Kiki. I was born around July 2, 1986 in Biloxi, Mississippi to a sweet tabby cat named Susie. Susie's mom was a feral cat that hung around my human-mom's grandma's little grocery store. I lived in Biloxi for about 8 years with my human mom, Laura. In 1994, I moved to Pensacola, Florida where I lived for 2 years. In June 1996, I moved to Ft. Worth, Texas where I lived until I went to the Rainbow Bridge on April 27, 2000. When I was a tiny kitten, I never dreamt that I would be a traveling kitty someday! My favorite things to do were to sleep on the waterbed and to lie in the sun. Next you will meet my handsome brofur Nigel and his cute tortie-sisfur Isis. Nigel and Isis live with Aphrodite(currently missing), Kahlan and Gimli, and two female mice named Patches and Cinnamon. Some of my pages have music and/or are graphics intensive, so please be patient while they are loading. This main page is best viewed with Internet Explorer. Thanks and enjoy mewr visit!

Here is some catnip to take along with mew!

Meows!  I'm Nigel

Here is Nigel defying the laws of gravity! Isn't he cute? He is 11 years old and weighs 14 pounds. He was adopted by us in October, 1994 when we lived in Florida. He was abandoned with 3 other kittens and some friends found them and took care of them. So they called meowmie and daddy and asked if they wanted another cat and...well, Nigel picked them. Nigel slept all the way home on meowmie's lap. I wasn't too thrilled at first. He slept on "My" waterbed the first night! He is very talkative and loves to pose for the camera. When he isn't sleeping, he is usually meowing at our humans for food. He is named after Nigel Tufnel of the band "Spinal Tap" and is one of the sweetest tabbies you will ever meet.

Hi--I'm Isis!

This is Isis, Nigel's sisfur. Nigel was feeling kinda lonely and my meowmie and daddy were so heartbroken after I passed away, they decided it was time to adopt a new kitty. Isis is a dilute tortie with attitude! Visit her photo page to see more pictures of her and to read her story.

We have some new news! There are three additions to our family!
Aphrodite, a blue tabby with white who was once feral.
She's the kitty on the right in the picture below.
Kahlan, also a blue tabby, Aphrodite's daughter from a first litter. She was born outside on April 15, 2005.
Gimli, first born son from a second litter. He was born on August 20, 2004.
He is a handsome brown classic tabby manx.
Gimli's papa is a stray brown mackerel tabby manx in need of a forever home.
You can see a picture of him on Gimli's Catster page.
Our human mom has successfully socialized Aphrodite and Kahlan and now they don't want to go back outside!
Here they are!

If you would like to read more about Aphrodite, Kahlan and Gimli, please feel free to visit their Catster pages.
Or you can visit Aphrodite's and Kahlan's new site by cliking below!

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