I am a breeder of AKC registered Yorkshire terriers in western NC.
I have been raised around yorkies all of my life and have been
breeding for several years.All of my yorkies are my babies they live
in in my home with me.The yorkie is a wonderful companion,they are very affectionate dogs nad make greatpets.Their personality is keen,alert and always willing to please.The yorkshire terrier seems oblivious of its small size,Affectionate with its master but sometimes suspicous of strangers.They are good with older children and are easy to train but can be stubborn.The breed is dependant and needs human attention.The yorkie can be an excellent watchdog.They can get snappish if teased but are usually very sweet and loving.They make great pets for most people,but make sure they are the breed for you.I take the care of my yorkies seriously and I hope the new owners will do the same.
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