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This site showcases Blazers and S-trucks with V8's under the hood. Enjoy the site, and if you have any suggestions, go to my Contact page.

Keith's Page of V8 powered S-trucks and Blazers

Note: This Site is still Under Construction, Duh!

UPDATED! I now have pics of my blazer online, link below!

Picture Gallery


For pictures of my blazer, click on the following link:

UPDATED July 27, 2005!

More Photos of My Old Blazer


Well, I am married now, I have a great son, and another baby on the way... and more projects than I can keep up with. I sold my black blazer, but have purchased a 91 4d 4wd S-Blazer, and a 94 4d 4wd S-Blazer to take it's place.

Getting in Touch

This link allows you to E-mail me in reference to my site, to ask and answer questions about swaps, maintenance, and technical details. (My knowledge is limited)

E-mail me

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