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Disclaimer:  I don't own Linkin Park.  Everything portrayed in the following story is a work of fiction.  All stories are RPS (Real People Slash) That means 2 people of the same gender involved in a sexual situation (yes that means 2 guys having sex with each other)..  Apart from the guys names nothing I have depicted here has ever or will ever actually happen.  It is nothing but the result of my own twisted imagination.  Please do not read if you are under age or are homophobic.  By clicking on any of the following links you are stating that you are of legal age wherever you happen to be. 

That clear? Right then we'll move onto the stories.


Beneath My Skin (wip)

SLASH.  Mike/Chester.  First-time/Angst.  Something bad happens to Chester's

family and Mike is there to pick up the pieces.  When the two men realise

they are more than just friends will they be able to overcome the hurdles

placed before them?  Work in Progress (chapters 6).


Gimme Danger (wip)

SLASH.  Mike/Phoenix.  First-time.  Mike is obsessing, Phoenix is clueless.

Will these 2 ever get it together?  Work in Progress. (chapters 3)



SLASH.  Mike/Chester.  Humour.  Chester is drunk and wants Mike to wear something

special for him, will Mike give in? Complete (chapters 1)


Darkness Holding Me

SLASH.  Mike/Phoenix.  When Mike's blind date turns out to be Phoenix will he go 

through with it? (Chapters 2) 





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