Maple Creations
by Karin Vail
I love working with wood, especially figured woods.  My husband, Brian, also does some woodworking too..  (And, yes, I *am* a woman and I enjoy woodworking!)

Pictured at the left is the first chair I built - a chair built from a single slab of a huge maple burl.  It is finished in tung oil and upholstered in tapestry.  It was made with a band saw, a circular saw, a small table saw, a drill, and a lot of hand sanding.  I have very little 'fancy' woodworking equipment.  A lot of labor goes into a chair like this.

We work mainly with maple - burl, quilted, and fiddleback as well as some less figured maple.  We also have limited amounts of Australian Blackwood, Russian Olive, Cherry, and Alaskan Yellow Cedar.
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This is an urn I made for my Grandpa Lum that passed away the end of January 2007.  Click on picture to see larger image.
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