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  • Jenny Sinclair's Carpenters Tribute Site! - Check this site out because you will not believe this lovely young woman's voice - she sounds SO much like Karen Carpenter, and there are MP3 files on her site to prove it!

    Jenny's MySpace Site

  • Musicians NET...Musicians' resource heaven on the internet.

  • ...THE Internet Opera Singers Search Site!

  • Lisa Viggiano!
    ...Fabulous cabaret singer/performer, and wonderful friend! Check out this INTERVIEW with Lisa! And, click on the photos of Lisa to look at her fantastic CD, "One Private Moment".

  • Maureen Christine!
    ...Premiere Vocalist, and my good friend! "Maureen is heralded as 'a singer worth crowing about' by the Chicago Northwest Tribune for her thoughtful interpretations of 'Great American Standards', romantic ballads and award- winning original compositions." Click on the photo, & have a look at this wonderful singer's web site for performance dates, CD's, & much more info. about Maureen!

  • Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger. 3/4ths. of the deaths are children under 5 years old. Please visit this site DAILY to make a FREE donation of food to hungry people around the world. Thanks...

    - Please help poor animals too!

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