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I have created this part of my website to try and help people who have lost a loved one or a person close to them that they hold so dear. I also wanted to create a place where people could come for poems or prayers so they could send them onto people who are grieving to try and help them come to terms with their loss.

Sometimes it can be very hard when you talk to someone who has lost a loved one and it can be a very awkward time as often a person does not know what to say. It can help a person if you send them a message to let them know you are thinking of them, that is why I have created the calling cards. There are some with messages ready to be used or you can use a blank one and add your own wording or graphic for a more personal touch.

If this part of my website helps just one person in their grief then it has achieved its goal.

I have included a memorial guestbook on this page where you can post an entry to pay a tribute to your loved ones that have sadly passed.
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My Step-brother Nick

This area of my website is dedicated to the memory of my little brother, David Stephen O'Connell...


Dave collapsed at home, the paramedics were called but while waiting for them to arrive my Mum and one of my other brothers gave Dave mouth to mouth and performed chest compressions. The paramedic arrived and had to restart Dave's heart as he lay on my mum's kitchen floor.Dave was then rushed to hospital where he suffered a total of 7 cardiac arrests and he had to be 'shocked' 11 times. Dave was transferred to ICU but he never really regained full consciousness, the doctors warned us that Dave had suffered 'significant' brain damage. David remained in ICU for 11 nights until on Sunday 17th July at 12:58pm he died with all his family at his bedside, he was just 29 years old.


On David's death certificate it states that he died of a heart condition called 'Cardiomyopathy', none of us knew that he had this condition. Cardiomyopathy is also know as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (Sads) and can cause apparently healthy adults to suffer sudden cardiac death.


Please click on the
CMA link to the left to find out more information on this heartbreaking condition or to make a donation. This charity is campaigning for genetic screening for affected families, they also provide help, advice and support to affected people and their families andthey also carry out ground breaking research with no help from the Goverment, if you are in a position to make a donation please, please help them to continue their work.
My Little Brother Dave
This area of my website is also dedicated to my step-brother Nick Griffiths who sadly died unexpectedly on 1st September 2003 aged 36 years.
The Cardiomyopathy Association
My brother's resting place...
David O'Connell
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