Please Read My Rules
Welcome to Jinger Biscuit's Blinkie Request

This is where you send me an email with the details of the colours and wording you want on your blinkie. When I have received your email I will make your blinkie for you and then send it to you. You must make sure that you can receive email attachments as this is the way you will recieve your blinkie.

If you haven't read my rules before you request your blinkie then please so so now - Thank you.
If you have read the rules then you can submit your blinkie details by emailing them to me below. Please allow up to 21 days for your blinkie. It may not be possible to make every blinkie, especially when demand is high. If you haven't received your blinkies after the specified time then please accept my apologies in advance for not being able to meet your request.
Submit Your Blinkie Request
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