This memorial is for our daughter, Jessica Marie ,and all the other precious
little babies who have left this world too soon. Our precious little
baby had a birth defect called Anencephaly (the major portion of her brain
and the top part of her skull had failed to develop).
Incompatible with life we were told. How those words still ring in our ears.
We found out at 17wks and decided to carry her to term. We
understand what a difficult and unfair decision this is and do not judge
nor condemn those who chose to interrupt their pregnancy.
We are All parents and we All love our little angels.
It is our hope that those who enter here will find comfort, support
and will feel a little less alone.

Forever Love

Mommy when it's time ,
time for me to go.
Please don't cry to much,
though I know you'll miss me so.

Just know that I'll be fine,
and please don't be sad.
I'll be on my way to Heaven.
I'll be with our Heavenly Dad.

I heard you when you talked to me
and sang our special song.
It made my spirit happy,
though our time together wasn't long.

You filled each moment with all your love.
You gave me all you could.
You didn't do what everyone said
you must or that you should.

I know that you all love me
and I also Love all of you.
Our Love will last forever,
and that Dear Mom is true.

One day we'll be together again,
somewhere far above.
Until then know I'll always be...
Your Jesse, Your Daughter, Your Love!

I like to think that not only did Jessica inspire the following poem,
but that she helped me write it as well.
We love you Jessica!
Till forever,
Love Mommy
Copyright © 1998 Tammy Hajdo.

If you would like to read about
Jessica's Journey
and see a picture of our famliy,
click on her name above.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Anencephaly , but couldn't find.
Links for Support and Beautiful Memorial pages Find links for Comfort and Support. Read some Beautiful Memorials, find some ideas on Creating Precious Memories, and also a link to the Shrine of the Holy Innocents where you may obtain a Certificate of Life for your little one.

Carrying to Term page
To learn more about carrying to term, please visit this beautiful site in memory of Emily Rose. You do not have to travel this journey alone! Please click on this link for support or visit my Links Page.

Heavenly Inspirations
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Memorial Candles
Please accept my appologies, but I am unable to light any more candles.
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Sometimes I say Five

How many children do you have?
Sometimes I say 5,
Darling please donít be sad.
Though your Mommyís told a lie

For you see here on earth
are some people who donít know
that you are still my child
though you do not grow.

Theyíd say the wrong things
and act as if they really donít care.
They donít deserve to know of you.
So your memories I donít share.

The memories of your journey here
and how you enriched my life.
But they wouldnít see that anyway,
And their ignorance cuts like a knife.

You are my 5th child
and in Heaven you reside.
But my love for you grows
as if you were by my side.

So when I say I have 5 children,
Please know that in my heart,
I always do, and always will count you,
even though we are apart.

One day weíll be together
And I canít wait for that day to arrive.
Till then know that Iíll always love you,
even if I only say 5.

Copyright © 2000 Tammy Hajdo

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