Finding The Length Of Pipe Between Two Angles

Pictured above is an example of two radiused throat and heel 45 degree angles with straight duct between forming a offset.

45 Degree Angles --> C = A x 1.414

30 Degree Angles ---> C = A x 2.00

60 Degree Angles --> C = A x 1.154

Often a piece of pipe is used between two angles to represent an offset.

To find the length of the pipe between the two angles, it is nescessary to calculate the distance between the two centers of the angles, as represented by C in Figure 1. this distance may be determined by multiplying the offset ( A, Fig. 1 ) by the factor given according to the degrees of the angles. ( For a 45-deg. angle, the factor is 1.414, for a 30 deg. angle, 2.00 ; for a 60 deg. angle, 1.154. ) From the product obtained, subtract twice the distance of B, obtaining the lenght of the pipe as represented by D in Figure 1.

Distance B may be obtained by squaring in from the center of each side of one of the angles as shown in Figure 2.

EXAMPLE: The offset A in Figure 1 is 27 in. ; the distance B in Figure 2 is 81/2 in. ; the angles are each 45 degrees, thus A x 1.414 minus ( B x 2 ) = D ( length of pipe ). 27 x 1.414 = 38.17 in. minus ( 2 x B in Fig. 2 ). 2 x 81/2 = 17 in. ; 38.17 minus 17 = 21.17 or 21 3/16 in., which is the length of the pipe between the two 45 degree angles, represented by D in Figure 1.

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