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>>> Summary of scene:

  Found in Episode 2, this scene takes place after the cross-country race. Kotoko faints due to exhaustion and Naoki hurts his hand while trying to save her.

>>> What's so special?

  Well, since the start of the show, this may really be the first time we see Naoki with a positive attitude towards Kotoko. Compared to the 1st episode where he ignored her even though she was harassed by some gangsters, this attempt to help her can be considered as remarkable! ^_^

  Truly, it can be seen that Kotoko's determination is starting to shake Naoki's usual indifference.

>>> Point to note:

  Notice Reiko standing in the background? In a way, this is a bad sign that things between Naoki and Kotoko aren't going to flow smoothly....... Reiko's jealousy spells impending trouble.


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