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Hihi! A very Merry Christmas to everyone! Thanks for visiting my site on Itazura na Kiss! In conjuction with this festival, I have created a new look for my frontpage. Hope all of you will like it!

  In Itazura na Kiss, there is also an episode based on X'mas. However, it isn't exactly that happy and romantic for Kotoko... For more details, can just read the story! Cyaz all around! ^_^


wpe24.jpg (4942 bytes)She's just a simple girl.

He's the genius of the century.

Just an accidental kiss, could bind their fates together...



  Aihara Kotoko (Sato Aiko) is a high-spirited high-school girl, longing for her Prince Charming to appear. One day, she accidentally kisses Irie Naoki (Kashiwabara Takashi), the most popular guy in school, and falls passionately in love with him. It is only after 2 years that she finally expresses her feelings for him. However, Naoki, the 'tensai' (Genius in Japanese) in school, rejects her, calling her a 'baka' (meaning fool in Japanese) as she is from the 'F' class. Dejected, Kotoko returns home, and is dealt with a even bigger blow. Her house is burnt down in a fire. Machiko, who is Kotoko's father's high-school friend, offers to put them up in her house for the time being.

  The story ( and the fun ) starts when Kotoko discovers Machiko is actually Naoki's mother and they will be staying under the same roof...

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Before the start of every episode, Yuki would always quote a phrase from famous people, which describes the coming story.

Besides that, he would also draw pictures of Kotoko depicting her as a 'destructor'.

wpeEE.jpg (1057 bytes) Volume 1: The Kiss which changed their fates

The start of a love often arises from an incident. It's so sudden and will more or less cause an injury to the heart.

wpeEF.jpg (1514 bytes) Volume 2: The Race of Love and Tears

I like the kind of people who collapse while trying   their best to achieve something beyond their reach.

wpeED.jpg (1603 bytes) Volume 3: The first time alone together

I don't know how to prevent an expected disaster. It's just like one stone had fallen down, followed by many others. So in the end, it hit me.

wpeF4.jpg (1867 bytes) Volume 4: The Kiss without feeling

Just a stupid fool is enough to bring more trouble than 10 baddies.

wpeF5.jpg (1647 bytes) Volume 5: The Hot Kiss and the Cold Kiss

A clever person will learn much more from a stupid person than vice versa.

wpeF0.jpg (1844 bytes) Volume 6: I will never leave you again

For the people who love, the love will be eternal.

wpeF1.jpg (1778 bytes) Volume 7: That fateful Christmas night

A test is a good opportunity for one to find out the true value of something.

wpeF2.jpg (1791 bytes) Volume 8: Bring me to Todai

Can't be too careful this year too. 'Cos when disaster befalls, it won't choose a time or venue.

wpeF3.jpg (1766 bytes) Volume 9: The Goodbye Kiss

Just one kiss can change a person's life entirely - a horrible lesson. (~ Yuki)


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  • Added pages on Takashi Kashiwabara and Sato Aiko! (plus some very pretty pics of Aiko)
  • Special page on Takashi's screen debut - Love Letter
  • Added a sub-domain specially for the MANGA version! ^_^
  • 3 pages of photos - |   Reiko  |  Irie family  |  School Scene |

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takashi09.jpg (20720 bytes)aiko2.jpg (154614 bytes)Find out more about the leads!

Takashi Kashiwabara  ................  Sato Aiko

Plus! Special page on Takashi's screen debut -

Love Letter (A must-watch!)


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