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Reiko. Naoki's classmate. The rich and proud girl vying with Kotoko for Naoki's affections. At times, she can be quite jealous of Kotoko and always schemes to come between them. She is often seen tagging along with Naoki wherever he goes but the latter does not seem to reciprocate her feelings. However, just like Kotoko, she bases her future route on Naoki. The way she stands firm in her love can be seen as an admirable trait of hers but her conniving behaviour is sometimes quite detestable.



kin.JPG (11198 bytes)Kinnosuke. Kotoko's ardent admirer and always stand up for her in times of trouble. He remains firm in his love for Kotoko and persists on even though the latter has made it clear to him that she will only love Naoki. His dream is to become a sushi chef and his sensei is none other than Kotoko's father. His sponteanity and extreme expressivenss also make him quite a cute character. However, all the three kisses he had are with guys... (opps...all of them are just accidents. So don't worry. ;p )



wpe37.jpg (13832 bytes)Watanabe. In love with Reiko. He is also from the A class but always loses to Naoki in terms of ranking, thus earning him the nickname 'Number 2' from Kotoko. Not only that, he also gets depressed when Reiko tends to overlook his presence and devote her full attention to Naoki. Calls Kotoko a 'baka' too but is given a stern warning from the latter that only Naoki can call her that. Rejected Kotoko's friend as she is from the F class too.



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Aihara. Kotoko's father. A sushi chef. He was in love with Machiko during their high school days and still harbours feelings for her even up till now. However, he still puts Kotoko's mother as first priority and respects the fact that Machiko is now wife to Ki. He gives Kotoko his support in whatever she does.



wpe33.jpg (8958 bytes)Irie Machiko. Naoki's mother. Gets extremely happy and excited (and still an understatement!) when Kotoko and father come to live with them. She never got her wish of having a daughter and thus, devoted all her unfulfilled desire onto Kotoko. Very supportive of the romance of Naoki and Kotoko. She always declares that they are made for each other and will get married eventually. Overall, she seems like an older version of Kotoko. 



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Irie Ki. Naoki's father and husband to Machiko. Graduated from Todai University and is now a capable man running a modest company. Though he tells Naoki that he can choose his own route, the former still hopes that his son will take over his business one day. Sometimes he may feel jealous of Aihara and this is only picked up by Naoki.



wpe36.jpg (9292 bytes)Irie Yuki. Naoki's younger brother. He is also a genius like him and has won various competitions in schools. He respects and loves Naoki a lot and hopes that they can take over his father's business and run it well together. Kotoko's presence causes him much emotional distress, especially over the loss of his own bedroom. He also suffers from balding due to depression. He is touched by Kotoko's efforts to cheer him up but is quite upset by the indifferent Naoki.


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