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    Portfolio - the Super Organizer

    Technical Specifications
         What's in a "stock" Portfolio
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    The Complete Beginner's Guide to the Atari Portfolio by Barry Thomas, Alan Thomas
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         A few of the standard add-ons...
    Download Area
         A few programs for the Portfolio...
    Portfolio FAQ
         Download the FAQ by BJ Gleason
    Toad Computers: Atari Portfolio! (External Link)
         A place to purchase memory cards and other peripherals.

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    Technical Specifications:

    Model Atari Portfolio
    Processor 80C88 4.92MHz
    Memory 128KB RAM
    256K ROM Used for the operating system and built-in applications
    Operating System DOS 2.11 MS-DOS 2.11 compatible (In ROM)
    Display 8-line, 40-column LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
    Built-in applications Worksheet
    Address Book
    Sound Yes Built-in speaker
    Keyboard 63 keys QWERTY layout
    Function Keys F1 - F10 Accessed by using the [Fn] key and number keys 1 thru 0.
    Additional Features
    • Built-in memory card drive (for RAM and ROM cards)
    • Port for connecting a smart parallel interface, a serial interface, or other peripherals
    • Clipboard for copying data within a file, from one file to another, or between files created with different applications.
    • Will operate on three AA batteries or an optional AC adaptor.
    • Originally shipped with the Portfilio File Manager and Tutorial software, contained on a single ROM card.
    Released October, 1989
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    Descripton of the built-in applications:
    Worksheet A Lotus 1-2-3 compatible spreadsheet application. File compatible with Lotus .WKS files.
    Editor A handy and powerful word processing program that stores files in standard ASCII format.
    Diary A combination diary and calendar application, complete with notes and an alarm feature. Alarms can be set to a specific time and can also be set to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly.
    Address Book Stores names, addresses, phone numbers, and notes. Includes search capabilites and a built-in phone dialer (using the portfolio's built-in speaker).
    Calculator Allows numeric keypad to funcion as a calculator, including advanced calculations such as trigonomic functions. You can also print a "tape" of the calculations if you have a printer attached.
    Setup A set of utilities that allow you to configure your system and customize your working environment. The main Setup menu allows you to modify: Display, Sounds, Applications, Printer, RS-232 port, and File Transfer.
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    Smart Parallel Interface You can use the Smart Parallel Interface to:
    • Print files from DOS or from the internal Portfolio programs to a printer with a parallel interface port.
    • Print the contents of the screen to a parallel printer.
    • Send and receive files between Portfolio and an IBM PC, PC/AT, or other compatible computer.
    • Communicate with other devices having a standard parallel interface.
    Serial Interface You can use the Serial Interface to:
    • Print Portfolio files on a serial printer.
    • Transfer files between the Portfolio and an IBM PC, PC/AT, or other compatible computer (using appropriate software).
    PC Card Drive The Portfolio PC Card Drive connected to and Atari or IBM compatible computer allows the computer to access Portfolio memory cards in the same way it accesses conventional floppy disks.

    You can use the PC Card Drive to:

    • Read data from a Portfolio.
    • Transfer data to a Portfolio.
    • Format Portfolio memory cards.
    AC Adaptor Probably the most important peripheral you can buy for your Portfolio, the AC adaptor will protect you against the dreaded data loss that can sometimes occur when you rely on batteries alone to power your Portfolio.
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    Download Area:
    (Note: Due to GeoCities' limited support for various extensions (like .lzh and .com), the following files have had a .txt added to the name (except lzhe.doc). You must rename the files, removing the .txt before using them.)
    Utilities (3K)Uncompressed lzh compression utility
    lzhe.doc (6K)Uncompressed doc file for lzhe
    lzhe100.lzh (6K)lzhe package for the Portfolio
    password.lzh (1K)Password protection utility
    pbas45.lzh (165K)PBasic version 4.5
    pbasprgs.lzh (4K)Assorted basic programs
    othello.lzh (5K)Othello for the Portfolio. (screen must be set to static)
    phoenix.lzh (6K)A cool space shooter
    tetrad.lzh (11K)Tetris type game
    tron.lzh (3K)Tron cycle game
    vader.lzh (2K)Space Invaders game (requires PBasic)
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