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    Planet Irata

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    Welcome to Planet Irata!
    One-stop resource for all Atari fans, from the 2600 and 8-bit computers through the Falcon and the Jaguar...Planet Irata has it all!
       This site is always growing, so check back often. If you can't find it at Planet Irata...maybe it doesn't exist.
    "From here on you had better think of Atari as a major player in the computer game."
    - Jerry Pournelle, Infoworld, 1985
    (Reviewing the Atari ST)

    Great Book:
    The First Quarter : A 25-year History of Video Games is an insider's look at the entertainment novelty that drove the evolution of high-technology. This comprehensive look at the history of video games includes many first-hand interviews, including Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari.)
    cover "If Phoenix is the game industry's textbook, this is its unauthorized biography. Both books are great on their own, but they also complement each other amazingly well -- reading one makes you want to reread the other immediately. "
    - Review from Next-Gen Magazine
    "...the best video game history book I've ever come across...a definitive overview of how it all started."
    - John Romero, Founder of Ion Storm
    Purchase This Book

    Check out the Planet Irata Book Review page for a list of great books relating to Atari, Computers, and the Video Game Industry! In Association with
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    NUON DVD Players Now Available!

    Samsung and Toshiba are now shipping NUON-enhanced DVD players. NUON was developed by VM Labs, which includes several former Atari employees.
    Available Hardware:
  • Samsung DVDN2000 NUON DVD-Video Player
  • Toshiba SD-2300 NUON DVD-Video Player

    Available Software:
  • Tempest 3000
  • Merlin Racing
  • Freefall 3050 A.D.

    Read more about Nuon in the News Archive.
    Other recent additions:
    Find out which classic computer games were the best and most influential at The Official Home of GOTCHA.
    Read about past news stories in the News Archive.
    Recent Videogame News:


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