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The vast Inca’s Empire was connected by an extense Inca trail system. The Classic Inca Trail is the most popular trail in Peru. This is the only trail that has as final destination, Machu Picchu. There are several places from where it is possible to start the Inca Trail, but the most popular one is the Classic Inca Trail which consists of a hike of 4 Days and 3 Nights.


The Classic Inca Trail is located in Cusco, Peru. If you would like to hike the Inca Trail, you will need to have an Inca Trail permit because the Peruvian government only allows 500 people per day. The only way to get a permit is by hiring a registered tour operator or a travel agency working directly with a tour operator. All tour operators and travel agencies offer packages including the permit and other services. It is important to book the Inca Trail with a travel agency or tour operator that is going to provide you the service that you are paying for.


This short Inca Trail route to Machu Picchu takes the trekker from the well-preserved Incan ruins of Wiñaywayna to the amazing Gate of the Sun through a colorful Incan path. At the Gate of the Sun an amazing view of Machu Picchu will astonish the visitor. This Inca Trail excursion is perfect for ones who are not avid trekkers or have limited time. Entrance tickets to the Inca Trail are limited.


Walking from one Incan ruin to the next one through a magical path full of beautiful landscapes is an unforgettable experience. Our Inca Trail package provides the experience of trained cooks, the knowledge of professional and bilingual guides, and the organization and equipment necessary to make this hike the best one of your life. Entrance tickets to the Inca Trail are limited.


The best of the Incan world is combined with the magic of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the beautiful architecture of several Colonial buildings in this package. Learning about the Incas, the Conquest, the Colony, and present-day Cusco is a magical experience. The beautiful Inca Trail completes a journey filled with emotion and magical experiences with a visit to the amazing Machu Picchu. Entrance tickets to the Inca Trail are limited.


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