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How To Play V: The Visitors' Revenge

Hello. We are the moderators of V: The Visitors' Revenge. If you are new at "V", we strongly suggest you watch "V: The Mini Series", "V: The Final Battle", and "V: The Television Series (19 episodes). If that is not possible, just tell us, and we can associate you with ways to obtain these items.

As of the date this document is written, there are 66 members; approximately 12 members actually play along. We hope that in producing this help page, many more will want to jump in and contribute their writing skills. Many of the writers are writing fan fiction, and even though this is a Role Playing Game, in the future we plan to edit and create a fan fiction collection of novels, or may even confront Kenneth Johnson (creator of V) into considering bringing the storyline back into television.

First things first, you need a character. Decide whether you would like your character as a generally good-natured character, a generally bad-natured character, or a mysterious character. Create an original name for your character. If you go to
http://photos.yahoo.com/vrevengemod or http://photos.yahoo.com/vrevengemod2, there are several pictures of suitable actors and actresses already associated with existing characters. Pick one of them or find one of your own, so we can place your character on the group website. Then create a short biography, basically explaining where your character fits into the game, age, race (human, Sirrian, or half-breed), faction (Resistance, Fifth Columnist, S.A.D. or independent), etc. After you have all this, submit the information to one of the moderators in the group; we will take care of the rest, and get back with you promptly.

After this, I suggest reading our archives found in the FILES section of the group; they are all compiled into two files. Once you get through those, you may continue from the beginnign of the post messages. There are several hundred posts, so if you just scan, you may not get the full plot and storyline. Research is the key to a successful rol playing game. Besides, you definitely will not get bored; the storyline is quite complex and exciting.

Following your research and approval from a moderator, you may post your first game message to the group. This one will have to be reviewed by a moderator to ensure you have completed your basic research. Then from there, you will be an active participant, and your writing will further benefit our lurkers.

If you are familiar with the past V series, then you will enjoy the next portion. The following synopsis was constructed so your research could be lessened. Always remember if you have any questions, feel free to ask...

Some points to help you through the verbage below:

A Sirrian is a Visitor. They are from the fourth planet from the star known as Siria. In this RPG, that planet is called Sirria V.

A hybrid is a crossbreeding product between a Sirrian and a Earthling. Elizabeth Maxwell was the first, and was deemed the "Star-Child"

The Fifth Column is a group of Sirrians who rebel against their Leader and the barbaric and carnivorous ways of their society. They are known as Fifth Columnists. They abide by the rules of Zon, and also request strength from the highest priest who ever was under Zon, Amon.

Throughout the storyline, if you see CAPS, it is a Sirrian.

Good luck


Kyle Bates and Elizabeth Maxwell are alive and were hidden from the Leader after a murderous attempt was thwarted. Certain activists loyal only to the Column placed them out of harm's way by cyrogenically freezing them to be sent to a holding area for storage; they were later discovered by CASSANDRA. She set out find their bodies to try to find out certain things about their make, their human emotions, the Star-Child's physiology, and their knowledge of conspirating Resistance members...also frozen was a rebellious Sirrian 5th Columnist named VIOLET, and her daughter HANNAH. Kiara Camille Bates, Kyle and Elizabeth's biological child, was also captured and frozen.

Kyle had been having conflicting visions; some with Elizabeth, his wife, some with CASSANDRA as his wife, some with an AMON character; he is confused, and had come to conscious, remembering only CASSANDRA, and has an obvious mental implant, showing a different scenario of his and Elizabeth's last 5 minutes together.

Elizabeth, commonly known as the Star Child, was awakened fully, but did not know her true being, only that she had at one time been someone else, and her memory was the deciding factor of her future.

Kiara Camille also remembered her father and mother, but only was told Kyle's side of the story, taking sides with Kyle (and CASSANDRA.)

VIOLET once loved a man named Thad Peterson, a resistance member. They made love, but were separated shortly after she was ordered home to Sirrius forever. VIOLET had triplets, and it was told to her two of her children had not survived. She called that child HANNAH, Thad's name he had picked out in the event he had another daughter. (He had a child before named Amber.) Now VIOLET was on the way back to Earth, supposedly as food, as well as little HANNAH. Thad runs the Portland Resistance, and his daughter is a participant.

Speaking of Resistance, after the Visitors left (after the series), R.A.A.V.A.s were created. Regional Agencies Against Visitor Attack. Some Fifth Columnists and other friendly Sirrians were given amnesty, and were allowed to become part of the existing society. They were tagged with an ID bracelet to signify their every whereabouts, and for the most part, were treated as immigrants from another country. Every state had one, including the 51-55th states, (Puerto Rico, Mexico, Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, and Cuba) State governments were no longer considered with federal money, and it was taken amongst the state's economy to provide stability to its populists. A RAAVA is a centerpoint of the state to provide assistance to the city Resistances, such as the CA RAAVA supporting Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, etc., the OR RAAVA supporting Portland and Wayworth, etc. LA Resistance is basically ran by the CA RAAVA because it is in Camp Pendleton, and most of them are remnants of the LA population hurt the worst by the Visitors, and some familiar faces...WILLIE, his wife THELMA, Margie Blodgett, Caleb and Margie Donovan (she was found by a resistance member in Atlanta and was unfrozen and well).

A lucky draw before monetary assets for profit was eliminated, a guy named Nathaniel Walker was named the Tycoon of the Year, and at 21 became the youngest multi-billionaire in history. The young man couldn't explain it, but all of his family were millionaires before the attacks, and every one named him as a beneficiary for at least a portion of their estate and wealth in their will. You could compare him to Kyle Bates circa 1982. Now all of his family is dead, voiding every other participant on the will, and leaving all the entire estates and wealths to him. He now utilizes his time participating in Walker Enterprises, which runs Walker Comminications, Walker Medical, and other smaller businesses. He wants to not be the stuck up moneybags his family was before their death.

Wayworth, a medium size town, has a Resistance. Two of the older members, Sid and Martha have two children they rescued during the wars, thought to be human until recently. Richard and Arielle are  fraternal twins, and now Arielle is in changing, determining that at least she is Sirrian in some part. Richard is not acknowledging the near death of his sister, or the truth of his existence. They both are VIOLET's supposedly dead children, taken for food, but a kind human woman escaped with them, taking care of them until they were discovered and sent, to be returned, to the mothership over Seattle. Sid had shot them down, and rescued the babies.

Mike Donovan, or Gooder, has been working with the networks for years as a CEO of journalism, but never misses a good story. He has developed several persons he has trained in teh business around the globe. His son, Sean, his childhood buddy Josh, and his other friend Rei Bates, (formerly a Sirrian youth leader like Sean and conveniently Kyle's sister) have grown closer in the twenty years past, and Josh and Rei got married. They formed a Ravock Academy in Los Angeles in a partnership with some help form Nate Walker (who is also their sponsor), and got close friends to the family Tomiko Jamison and her younger brother Seth a chance to run a branch in Japan. Chase and Cale Devan, Mike's godchildren from his CO and friend in Vietnam, Coleman Devan, are currently undercover agents for an undisclosed agency. Bryden Fraser, who's father was a friend of the senior Devan and Donovan, is a homicide detective for Los Angeles. He occasionally works with the Devans to turn over unsolved cases.

Ham Tyler, CEO and leader of the RAAVA Circuit, had quite a break when he obtained ownership of a Las Vegas casino, but still checks on the whereabouts and status of his former allies in the Resistance. He also has his daughter, Kira Tyler, who runs his business, Tyler Investigations, and helps run his casino, along with her "nanny", NATALIA. She is non-concerned about his "other" life. They have a very close relationship, after Ham's son, Craig Tyler was killed.  Robin Maxwell, after the deaths of her daughter and granddaughter, shelled up her emotions, and took over to aid in any doctoral need in the Las Vegas area.Tyler watches over her as a daughter. Several Fifth Columnists, though the knowledge they are un-trusted by several people, including Ham, are members of the secret Las Vegas division, and a couple work alongside Tyler in his ventures. One in particular, CHYNA, has saved several human lives in the past twenty years from Sirrian conspirators and human criminals; Tyler has a very hard time not appreciating the good in CHYNA, and finds him comparing her to WILLIE, the only living Sirrian he truly would die over.

Julie has not been heard from in some time, but it is rumored she is somewhere on the East Coast.

A Committee of Sirrian Relations was created after the Visitors left to ensure proper non-prejudicial actions was performed on the new columnists. It slowly grew to the President's second hand committee, and their power increased. Twenty years later, they are the go-to for anything involving a Sirrian, and are now head of all the security committees, the agencies, and the military, since it may involve Sirrians at anytime. The eldest Sirrian is head of the Committee.

CASSANDRA is the new commander sent from Sirrius to conquer Earth. Word is DIANA was destroyed, and now 20 Earth years later, the second wave should be substantial. To throw off the conquest, CASSANDRA is posing to be a science ship to venture a true cooperation between worlds for a speed up in evolution. Knowing there are currently warships already hidden behind several moons and planets around the Earth, CASSANDRA must convince the Committee she will come for peace, as John did in the beginning, and will not deliberately start manipulating the system. Since Sirrian life is now accepted as a part of society, and if she cashes in on the public response, she will soon start achieving great losses to the Resistances.

LYDIA, CASSANDRA's sister, is dead, after complications with a pregnancy with PHILLIP; KIMBERLY was the product. Several years later, PHILLIP grew sick from the red dust cancer and fell into his deathbed. With his dying breath, he made Mike Donovan promise he would look after KIMBERLY for him. She is currently a follower of the Column and part of the San Fransisco Resistance.

WALTER, the doctor and top scientist on board, is CASSANDRA's current lover.

J??ASON, WALTER's assistant, is WILLIE's brother, and wants to see him before CASSANDRA destroys him as a Resistance fighter. He is in charge of the cryogenics labs, and has recently started to unfreeze the ones he will befriend to plan their escape, VIOLET, HANNAH, Kyle, and Elizabeth. He knows only VIOLET's demise, because Kyle and Elizabeth are CASSANDRA's "personal" project, and was treated way before he came aboard. He has a slight crush on VIOLET.

VERONICA is a scientist who will do anything to further her career in the fleet. She soon will find relations with CASSANDRA, and has a crush on JASON.

MAURA, CASSANDRA's replacement XO (her former XO was KROC, and he was eliminated for telling CASSANDRA of bad news) was an Ensign-turned XO, so she's playing with power. Her former colleague, AMY, smitten with jealousy and hatred at her friend, turns a situation bad. AMY was MARGARET's subordinate, who was previously on maternity leave. JASON, to achieve his goal, murdered MARGARET, but spared her body. He had channeled VIOLET's mind into MARGARET's body, to help the escape.

Now that the character "who are they" list is over, I can specify a "where are they now" path...Though it has been quiet for some time with the Visitors, there are still crimes performed around the world. Vigilantes are roaming the streets, trying to override the slumming economy. Even the Resistance members have taken a toll. The Mexican Resistance, headed up by Sanchez, was destroyed from a desert fire, and only a few members survived, Sanchez's wife and daughter, Rosetta Hernandez and Penelope Cortez respectively. Penelope Cortez is a selectee of the Walker Foundation Scholarship. (They were moved to the Wayworth faction). LA frontiersmen Caleb, Maggie, and Margie also lost their lives. Caleb fell off a plank at a construcion site, and Margie and Maggie were found raped and murdered. Two other members of the LA sector were found killed, from a robbery. Even Josh Brooks, who was a partner in the ownership of the Ravock Academy, was victimized. His friends and relatives mourned their loss at Mike Donovan's ranch in L.A. Jenna Macleod, leader of the Scotland Resistance and friend of the Donovans came to pay her respects. Galin Stone, the American-bred doctor of Scotland Resistance, accompanied her.

Willie discovers through Amon about a great wave of Visitors that will be endangering the Earth, but this time they want revenge. He vows to warn the Resistances and prepare the world; unfortunately, he was not able to do this, as he was abducted the next morning, along with the rest of the Los Angeles Resistance. Only THELMA, Jane Patterson, Morgan Malone and Samantha Horner were not present for the abduction. San Francisco was also hit; luck was provided when KIMBERLY, Lori Carlucci, and Tamara Senn escaped from the vehicle they awoke in. Several others along the Circuit had also been raided with several casualties.

A group of Sirrians who have slipped through universal alarms have formed an elite group named the S.A.D, or Sirrian Alliance Division. They are aimed at taking out all the Resistances for the arrival of Cassandra. Frontline Sirrians BRUCE, THOMAS, PETER, WILLIAM, MALCOLM, ROGER, and MARSHA are out pursuing individual attacks on prior and current Resistance members. They have been the cause behind the  Resistance hits.

Arielle, sick fron her metamorphosis, is taken to the hospital. Once word gets out to everyone in Wayworth Resistance about her "supposed" condition, her boyfriend, Brett Romano (a high school quarterback and total jerk who is a conspirator for the S.A.D.), readies the approach of a larger assault.

Meanwhile, Robin had a dream about Arielle and her pain, and tells Chris Faber, (her boyfriend, co-owner of the casino, and Tyler's second-in-command) she wants and needs to go. Ham is not pleased by her request to go to Wayworth, and is told she's going anyway. Sending CHYNA to protect her after Chris is sent on another mission, Robin wonders why he did not go. After they leave, he receives a supply request call from Portland. He informs CHYNA, and says this may be an appropriate time to restock the WA sector. Robin, in the mean time is seeing Richard and Amber in her dreams, and feels as if she needs to rescue the girl. It turns out she is a fan of Robin's. Since Amber is in Portland, she knows she should go there. She awakens, and CHYNA informs her of Ham's supply run. She finagles with Thad to get Amber to go with them so she can convince her of the real Robin Maxwell. Once in Wayworth, she (and Amber) sees to Arielle, and stabilizes her. Thad sends a team of his younger affiliates to watch over young Amber; Phoenix Wright, Trinity Rogers, Jack Miller, and Yvonne Richards.

VIOLET, in MARGARET's body, was unaware of the twins MARGARET had just given birth to. She named them Adam and Eve. She vowed to take the children with her, as it seemed Zon had given her another chance to raise her children she no longer had alive. She did not know about HANNAH being frozen. MAURA and AMY also aided in her efforts, and agreed to come with her and the babies to help with their raising.

CASSANDRA addressed the senior staff about their pursuit to Earth, and their role. She tried to use JASON and VERONICA to aid her by seduction. VERONICA fell for it; JASON indulged in the moment, but then realized the real reason and went to the lab, but not before Kyle and his daughter were taken. JASON immediately brought VIOLET out of her "out-of-body" experience, who went to get the twins. After she was gone, JASON let HANNAH out, sent her to MAURA's quarters, and finally let Elizabeth out, taking her to his quarters

CASSANDRA talked with Kyle, telling him how they had been separated, posing Elizabeth as the antagonist. She rejoined father and child, and relished in the reunion, as well as the hatred both shared for Elizabeth. To further confuse the Earthlings, she appointed Kyle her equal in command, and began a monarchy, with Kyle as king, her as Queen, and Kiara as Princess and Public Relations Officer. CHRISTOPHER, the former P.R.O. and JASON's best friend, is told to take the Princess's side as her formal aide in lieu of becoming CASSANDRA's lapdog. Kiara changed her name to Camille to show her hatred toward her human side.

There are several Fifth Columnists onboard CASSANDRA's ship. JASON, the senior person, informs the others of his plan, and flees to Los Angeles in search of his brother, leaving the control to CHRISTOPHER and VICTORIA, his sister.

Rei Bates, after soaking in her husband and best friend's death, finds clues toward a possible murdering amongst Resistance members, past and present. She runs away to take any harm away from her adoptive father, Donovan, Sean, and her other loved ones at the ranch. She calls Ham to tell him of her journey, and requests to come to Vegas. Jade Anderson, a hired assasin, was requested by Ham to bring Rei to him to share with everyone her views on the accidental deaths throughout the Circuit. Cale Devan, who does not trust Jade goes with them, which is not taken well by his sister, Chase.

In Jenna Macleod's few days mourning, an old stirring feeling within her, rekindles with Donovan, which they share what seems like true love. This is not favorable to Dr. Stone. Jenna receives a call from Morgan stating the Los Angeles Resistance had been raided. Several minutes later, she is requested to come to Vegas as well as Gooder and his family for their protection. ROGER and MARSHA stalk the ranch outside, follow Rei and Cale to her and Josh's house, then split up, ROGER coming back to the house to see everyone leave. He makes a call to Brandi Davis, a S.A.D. insider, to have them flown to Wayworth for the next raid.

Any further plots will be described inside. So what are you waiting for? Come in and enjoy the story.
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