Chaos is the backbone of my art; because, it is interesting to me that the human mind always finds a pattern in the chaos. Congruency may form and then disappear within an instant. My art is a splice; a picture of the moving chaos that our minds fight, to hold a sense of order... (want more?)

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This is the general news section. Here, I will be informing you of the recent updates concerning this website.

2-12-01 Added more links to my favorite links section

2-1-01 Added a poetry section for your reading pleasure...

1-23-01 Added another mp3 clip to the mp3 part of the Music section...

11-28-00 Added more mp3 clips to the mp3 part of the Music section!!!

11-4-00 Another link added to my Favorite Links section.

10-11-00 Added some more links to my Favorite Links section.

10-10-00 Added a Photos section so you can see what I look like. :o)

9-21-00 Added a discussion board to the Recent Projects section. Take a look at the projects and tell me what you think!!!

9-5-00 New links added to my Favorite Links section and, added a little information on the Whats to Come section.






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