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"Tapion's box, more than just DragonBall and a crazy fan." [well... the first part is true anyway... ^.^

<<--- crazy fan! mwahahaha!

Hmm... I guess I should warn you that it is a bit image intensive, as well as being FRAMES.

So sorry to alla ya non frames browsers.

"pik" of the now (closed)

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Well, i'm having issues with geocities agian, so bear with me, as some of the images arent working, and i've had to get rid of some og the DBZ images to make some room. I hope te fix that problem soon, but makeing the pics smaller... yeah, you dont care abouthat, so anyway, just a quicky. i got the fanarts people sent me up, (thankies again! ^.^ V) As well as yet another new gallery. X (X/1999) now has its own gallery, and its kinda schnazzy i think ^.^;; i wanna be a new verson of the site soon cause some of the pages are gettin' kinda stale. stay tuned!

also, thank ya'll! in less than i year the box has made it over 1000 hits! yippy! i'll be working on a new splash page banner soon!


i tihnk its beena while sencei acctually, updated the updates @.@ Gommen ne! Anyway, i have around 5 or 6 new images. in the original gallery, that now has 3 pages. As well as a new, nonanime page! XD

Also. THANKYOU! to the people who sent me fanart! I'll have that up ASAP!


5 new pics in the original gallery. ^.^* sorry bout the lateness of the update. i tihnk there are about 3 other pics sence last update, but they had been poste... long story. anyway. yeah, check it out! there are a few formating problems i've noticed, so i hav to go messaround with thepages untill i fix that, most notably in the second origianl gallery >.<



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