U-K Grove Ministry Doctrine

This Ministry believes only in that which is RIGHT.

This Ministry believes that each individual has been given the gift and the responsibility to determine what is RIGHT for her/himself - as long as it does not infringe upon the RIGHTS of others.

We believe that there is only ONE higher power, and it is up to the individual person to call that power whatever name they feel is correct for their spiritual belief.

Ministerial Services

1.Spiritual Guidance
2. Multicultural Spirituality

What the Ministry Offers

Traditional Wedding Ceremonies,
Non-Traditional Wedding Ceremonies
Affirmations Of Love Ceremonies,
Reverend Hazell's parents on their wedding day 1941
Reverend Hazell & Reverend Derby's Affirmation of Love Ceremony 1998

Wedding Renewal Ceremonies,

Non-traditional Funeral Ceremonies,

House Blessings,
Naming Ceremonies,
Coming of Age ceremonies,
Absent Healing Prayers,
Prayer Requests.

If you are an absent healer, such as a Reiki master, and you are interested in joining this healing ministry please contact us.

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Rev. Gloria Hazell D.Div (Spiritual Counselor)

Universal Life Church, Mondesto, CA



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