Xander's Real Dad!



Using any character from any TV show, movie, or book write a story of Xander's real Dad (family).

The only "must have" is that the story idea is plausible, meaning Oz can't be Xander's real father without a really good explanation since they are the same age.


Challenge Notes:

In January of 2003, Eva wrote the above challenge and asked me to help her spread the idea. I was fairly new to fan fiction myself and still pretty intimidated by lists and such and thought the best way to get the word out was to simply post stories that mention and answer the challege. "Who Would Have Thought?" a quick story where Oz is Xander's father was the first story. I posted a few more stories and so did Eva and the idea got picked-up and eventually exploded.

In October of 2003, Danielle (Flatlander, Jr.) wrote to me and asked about changing the challenge to include other members of his family, such as a grandfather. As they say great minds think a like and the broadened challenge was issued at the Xanderzone.

So now the challenge is simply to give Xander a new family or a new background even though it is still generally called the "Real Dad" Challenge. I've also come to feel like it is my challenge and I am responsible as the challenge and a modest listing of the responses has always been listed on my page.

~ Teri

Where to Find "Xander Real Dad" Stories:

Xander's Real Dad C2 Group
I am the moderator. If you want your story listed or know a story that should be listed, please e-mail me. Icey put the group on her account as a favor to me (since it is one C2 per account and I already have Crossgate) and is not going to be actively involved.



Xander's Real Dad Challenge Page at TTH
Jinni has been kind enough to provide the ability for author's to link their stories to a challenge at the Twisting the Hellmouth Archive site. Please consider linking your story to challenge 421 or encourage your favorite author's to do so.



I've been lax over the years about posting the links, but if you send them to me I will make sure they appear on this page. I am currently working on a comprehensive listing of "Real Dad" stories.





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