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Rather Be in Atlantis

Rodney doesn’t have to be on Atlantis to get into trouble. 
(Crossover with SGA, SG-1, & Due South)


Exodus 2: Building the First Wave

MacGyver and friends prepare to set up a new colony.
(Crossover with SGA, MacGyver, SG-1, Charmed, CSI, & Diagnosis Murder)


The Young Ancients
When Sheppard and McKay are abducted hours before O'Neill and company arrive to tour Atlantis,
will they escape before Teyla and SG-1 find them?



The use of the ancient weapon has more of an effect on Earth than expected.
Set at the start of SG-1’s 8th season.


MacGyver & Sons
An 18 story series featuring MacGyver and his sons Sam Malloy and Blair Sandburg (The Sentinel).
Three stories in this series also feature Jack O'Neill and the Stargate team.


Cindy’s “The Sentinel” Stories:  Stories featuring Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales,' crossovers, and non-crossovers can be found at: Wolfpup's Den






Magnificent Seven (ATF):  Stories can be found at: Magnificent Seven ATF Virtual Season 2 and
Lady Angel's Magnificent Seven Fanfiction







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