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Originally, I was going to try to list every web-site I frequent. I just don't have the time to do that unless I made this a links only site and ignored my stories, which I am not prepared to do at this time.


Featured Crossover Site:

Twisted Paradigms
Paradigm Shifter has a lot of wonderful crossovers mostly featuring Xander (Buffy), but also X-men, Highlander, Star Wars, and even Final Fantasy. It is a new site, but his works are well known to FanFiction.net readers.

Sites where I have stories:
(or will have at next update)

The Crossroad
Angel Crossovers

Multiple Fandoms

Twisting the Hellmouth
Buffy Crossovers

Cross Gate & CrossGate Links
Stargate Crossovers


The Virtual Asylum

The Dan & Jan Fanfiction Archive Stargate

Seventh Dimension

Xover Fan Fic Archive
Multiple Fandoms

The De La Vega Library


*No other sites have my permission to archive any of my stories.*



Awards Sites

The Rabid Rabbit Awards - Anya Fan Fiction Awards Site. No Crossovers, but if you enjoy Anya stories then this site should be on your list.

- I won! The First Pronouced Odd Award-



Known Sites that have Linked to Us:

The De La Vega Library: Zorro Fan Fiction Archive
A Growing site trying to offer a comprehensive listing of Zorro Stories available on line. Currently more than 90 stories.


Jill's Crossover FanFic: A crossover archive for Jill's work and others. She has an extensive list of wonderful crossover links. If you are looking for a good crossover her site is a can't miss.



Crossover Sites and Stories:

Cindy Combs at Wolfpup's Den - Home of the my favorite Crossover Series of all time. Primarily MacGyver/Sentinel, but also visits from Stargate, Father Dowling Mysteries, Due South, Early Edition, and modern-day M7)

CrossGate Mailing List- Stargate Crossover Site - New - Please help stock this site with stories!

CrossGate Links - A growing list of Stargate Crossovers available on-line (75+ as of 2/23/03)

Ecolea's Eclectic Reading Room - Ecolea has written quite possibly the funniest, best written story I have ever read called the "Changing of the Guard". There are also several well written sequels.

FanFiction.Net: Click on Fan Fiction - Misc. to find the crossover sections.

Fkfanfic.com: Home of Forever Knight Fan Fiction - Probably the largest source of Forever Knight Fan Fiction (not recently updated). Use Sorted by Category - Crossover. To find reach the many crossover stories.

FKFANFIC2: Forever Knight Fan Fiction Archive 2 - Many wonderful FK stories and a section devoted to crossovers.

Flatlander's Highlander Site - Many Highlander crossovers including Buffy, Stargate, and several others.

Guide Posts - Sentinel Fiction Archive (no longer updated). Use the search engine to reach the crossovers at this site.

Heliopolis - The Main Archive for Stargate Fan Fiction. Use the Search Engine for New Crossovers. Older crossovers you have to find by skimming the titles.

Jarvinia's FanFic Dungeon - Features some Forever Knight Fics (new stories still being added) including crossovers with Star Trek & Buffy.

Jill's Crossover FanFic: A crossover archive for Jill's work and others. She also has an extensive list of wonderful crossover links. If you are looking for a good crossover her site is a can't miss.

Neon Star's Domain - Several Star Wars crossovers, including an Indiana Jones crossover where Indy and Han are the same character. What an interesting idea, maybe I need to try that?

Seventh Dimension: Highlander Fan Fiction Archive - There is a section devoted to Crossovers.

Skylark's Fan Fiction: Hercules crossovers with Andromeda, Voyager, Buffy/Angel, Quantum Leap, Stargate, Lois & Clark, Charmed, Touched by an Angel, X-Files, Highlander, and Xena

Stargatefan.com: Stargate Site that has a section devoted to crossovers.

Sword Tales: (Jim Guy) - Check out Jim's Large Collection of Queen of Swords and Highlander Fan Fiction including Queen of Sword and Zorro crossovers.

Twisting the Hellmouth Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossovers. It's set-up like ff.net.

Xover Fan Fic Archive - Wide selection of Highlander, Forever Knight, Stargate, and many more.

Zorro Crossover Stories: - Index of Zorro stories including crossovers with Star Trek, Star Wars, Queen of Swords, and Touched by an Angel.



Causes, Campaigns, Crusades, etc.

Clan Denial - What do you mean Richie is Dead? You must be mistaken! (Highlander)

Kilt Denial - Connor Lives! (Highlander)

Give Teryl Some Credit - Campaign (Stargate)

Save Farscape! - The SciFi channel has canceled Farscape!

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