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Funny concepts that will probably never be written, but even the thought of them is funny to me.

However, if there are any you would like to see written, ask.


Jack? - A Different Take
Summary: What if Jack had a different reason for his multiple identities? Because he is an immortal and Methos was his teacher. (Crossover between Stargate, MacGyver, Highlander, and mentions of Legend)

Hermes' Son
Summary: Crossover between Hercules/Xena, Jack of All Trades, and Brisco County Jr. probably with mentions of Highlander. Autolycus, of course, is the demi-god/immortal son of Hermes and survives through the years living for a while as Jack Stiles, Brisco County, Jr., and others. Naturally, who better to befriend the King of Thieves through the centuries than Amanda.

Lee's Angel
Summary: Crossover between Scarecrow and Mrs. King and Charlie's Angels. Just how did Amanda adjust so easily to life at the Agency? (Wasn't Sabrina's ex-husband's name Joe just like Amanda's?)

Sheridan's March to Space
Summary: Crossover between How the West was Won, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, and Babylon V (Highlander themes)

Dr. Helm, I presume
Summary: The obligatory crossover between Highlander and Queen of Swords. (I love Crossovers<g>) Of course in my world Methos and Dr. Helm are one in the same. How will Tessa react when she finds out?

Don't Laugh
Summary: Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia take a cruise on the Pacific Princess. Do Rose and the Captain already know each other? Why is she acting like Blanche when he is around and why is she always making comments about his bald head? Crossover between Golden Girls, Love Boat, & the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Monday Afternoon Fine Arts League
(Bonus points if you know where the title comes from!)
Summary: Time Travel Club gathers to discuss some of their better missions. Charter Members: Darien Lambert (Time Trax), Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap), H.G. Wells (Lois & Clark), Phineus Bogg (Voyagers). - Perhaps the members of this group can correct serious flaws in our favorite TV Shows. (Richie lives, Daniel stays with SG-1, Lex is a good guy, Connor lives, Nick & Nat live, etc.)

Other groups can form with the same concept:
We saved the World & Nobody Noticed AGAIN
Members: Jack O'Neill et al (Stargate: SG-1), Buffy et al (Buffy:TVS), Bruce Wayne (Batman), Clark Kent (Lois & Clark), Lee Stetson (Scarecrow and Mrs. King) *Membership Still Open*

Mystery League
Members: Lee Stetson (SMK), Remington Steele (RS), Thomas Magnum (Magnum PI), Jessica Fletcher (Murder She Wrote), Fr. Frank Dowling (Fr. Dowling Mysteries) *Membership Still Open*

I'm Not Who You Think
Members: Nick Knight/DeBarbant (Forever Knight), Adam Pierson/Methos (Highlander), Remington Steele/Harry (RS), Nightwing/Dick Grayson, Superman/Clark Kent (Lois & Clark), Zorro/Diego De La Vega *Membership Still Open*

Prince Adam
Summary: "By the Power of Greyskull." Prince Adam lifts his sword and is struck by lightening. Sound familiar? Of course it is from He-Man, but how else? Sounds like a quickening to me. What if someone saw a quickening and developed this tale about the immortal he saw. Now, whom do we know named Adam? (Highlander with discussion of He-Man Masters of the Universe).

Not you Too!
Summary: Everyone Jessica meets seems to have been a murderer or a mystery, except Amos Tupper or so we thought. Jessica meets Fr. Frank Dowling. (Crossover Murder She Wrote and Fr. Dowling Mysteries - Maybe even Happy Days)

True Imazadi
Summary: The Enterprise D has an accident and travels back in time to present day. They end-up in Port Charles where Commander Riker meets Laura Spencer. Perhaps a guest appearance by Q. (Crossover between Star Trek: TNG and General Hospital.)

The Life of Q
Summary: Why has Q always been so fascinated with humanity? Perhaps he has had prior dealings with Earth. (Star Trek: TNG & Voyager, Legend, Days of Our Lives, and Stargate: SG-1).

Aphrodite's Best Match
Summary: Dite never thought Xena, Gabriel, or any of the others were a good match for her brother. Has she finally found the one for Ares? Xander left her at the Altar who would Anya turn to for advice in matters of the heart? Just what does Dite have planned? (Crossover between Greek Mythology: Xena Style and Buffy).

The Powers That Be
Summary: Just who are the TPTB? <The Peacock screams> The Greek Pantheon. The truth about what happened after the Twilight. (Crossover Hercules/Xena, Buffy/Angel, Seaquest, & Cupid)

Smuggler or Archeologist?
Summary: Ever notice the similarities between Han Solo and Indiana Jones? There is a good reason for that! (Crossover between Indiana Jones and Star Wars - original)

If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. . .
Summary: Seems like Giles knows an awful lot. Given his background when did he have time to learn it all? Notice how easily he switches personalities at times (at least in fan fiction)? Maybe he a has a lot of time to learn. Bet Adam and Giles would really get along and so would Methos and Ripper. (Crossover between Buffy and Highlander)

Summary: The Scoobies meet well the Scoobies. Buffy is dead, run away, or missing again, but Daphne seems awfully familiar to the Sunnydale Crew. How will Scooby and Oz get along? (Just kidding!) Crossover between Buffy and the real Scooby Doo Crew.

Hannibal's Teacher
Summary: Who makes the best plans, Hannibal Smith or Methos. Let's find out. (Crossover between Highlander and the A-Team)

Correspondence College of Witchcraft
Summary: Grady wants to know just what kind of college his aunt Jess attended. He enlists Doc Hazelit to help him find out. Could they have stumbled on the reason Jessica appears at so many murders? (Crossover with Murder She Wrote and Bed Knobs and Broomsticks)

John Crichton Goes Home
Summary: As you may know Farscape has been canceled, so let's get John Home. Who can do it? . . . .
I guess it will have to be Bugs and the crew from Warner Brothers.

Where Everyone Knows Your Name
Summary: Claire feels she can't help Trevor any longer so she calls her old friend Dr. Fraiser Crane. Of course we know Fras. has no experience with love obsessed bartenders, right? (Crossover between Cupid and Fraiser/Cheers)

Coffee Makes Strange Bedfellows
Summary: Giles is hired to be in a Taster's Choice Coffee commercial. He meets Drew Bankcroft (Face) another coffee executive from rival Starbucks. Will Giles find out about Face's past? Later when a new demon threatens Sunnydale, will he be able to hire the A-Team? What trouble will they get into together? (Crossover with Buffy/Angel, A-Team, Battle Star Galatica, and The Taster's Choice Couple)

Sam's Story
Summary: Let's find a good crossover for Major Sam Carter. (Thinks . . . takes a Tylenol for the pain of thinking for the first time in my life . . . Ah HAH). Bet Sam would have a lot in common with another physicist named Sam. (Crossover between Quantum Leap and Stargate)

White Knight. . . White Lighter 
Summary: Ever wonder where Willow's whitelighter was when she tried to end the world? Perhaps he was right where he should have been. (Crossover between Buffy and Charmed)

Bad Boys
Summary: Notice how many TV shows have good men with wild/bad pasts. All trying to be good people again. Maybe they can help each other. Cole Turner, Methos, Nick Knight, & Ripper Giles (Spike?) for help each other stay on the straight and narrow. (Crossovers between Charmes, Highlander, Forever Knight, & Buffy)

If any one wants to write these stories, please do. Just tell me where I can read them.


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