Mycoon Cattery owned by Sheila R. Gira-Windom the first importer and breeder of Norwegian Forest Cats in the United States.


Wegiekatt Cattery owned by Patricia Harriman Gavin.


The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA)


Pet Planet


Petopia Online pet supplies at considerably lower prices More pet supplies at lower prices


Norwegian Forest Cat Fanciers Association


Maelstrom Norwegian Forest Cats Breeder Of MAELSTROM KRISTIN OF WEGIEKATT Britta's dam


Cat Fanciers Home Page




Cat Fancier's Federation Homepage


ArtBell-Cat Box Page a must see for animal lovers especially cat people.


Animal Totems Lady in Blacks home page to save the rain forest and the creatures who live in them.


Aspca Cats Why's and Hows All the information you need to keep you cat safe and healthy


Cat of the Day


TICA The International Cat Association


AACE Ameican Association of Cat Enthusiasts


Fanciers Breeders Referral List (FBRL) Great List for breeders in your area divided by breed and then state








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