Mycoon's Kirstin

Female Brown Mackerel Tabby

Born: August 20, l999

Sire: GRC Norskskogkatt's Orion the Hunter of Mycoon skkkkkkkkkkcespacmmpaceaDam: Mycoon's Ambermcccmmmmmmmm



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Isn't she cute?

Seven Weeks


nine weeksTen weeks


All Photographs of Baby Kirstin are copyrighted by Sheila R. Gira-Windom and appear here by her permission

Kirstin Arrived November 14,1999

Do you Want to see me grow?

Sheila R. Gira-Windom

Was the first importer and breeder of Wegies in the United States. We who love these little guys are forever indebted to her for her work in the field. Please visit her site.

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