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family We are originally from Bloemfontein, South Africa. In December 1996 we decided to leave and went to the land of the

Silver Fern.

We lived in Christchurch, New Zealand for three years and in February, 2000 we moved to Melbourne, Australia.
In 2003 we decide to get on the move again and left Melbourne for sunny Brisbane.
Jeannie work in the medical field and I am in the accounting field. Our daughters, Elenie and Tanya are a handfull and is fast becoming full-blood Aussies.

We have sinced moved to WOLLONGONG in The Illawarra on the south coast of New South Wales to finally settle here.

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This picture was taken when we arrived in Australia on the 4th of January 2006 with Permanent Residency visas after we left South Africa 9 years ago. Praise to God that we have finally settled after all these years of an uncertain future.

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